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  1. Lots of people ask about whether they should get the Disney Dining Plan when camping at the Fort. What do you think? IMO, there are definitely pros and cons to DDP that are specific to every family. I'd encourage people to price out the plan and check the menus to see if it's worth it for you - in terms of food and $$. Some questions to consider... - What are you camping in? (do you have an easy-to-stock/use kitchen setup?) - How much do you like to cook on vacation? - How do you and your family eat? (quantity/type?) - Budget The last 2 are the big determining factors for us as to whether the
  2. We did this the weekend of Nov 14-15, 2009 - Festival of the Masters was going on so DTD was pretty busy. We walked up, bought our tix and got on the 2nd ride after that. Although the line behind us formed pretty quickly. Rides are only about 10 minutes long though, so even if the line looks long, it might not be a super long wait. Also something to keep in mind, if it's a bit breezy, but not windy enough to actually stop flights, they will load fewer people on the balloon to compensate. Also depending on wind speed, they may not go up as high as the full 400'. So timing is key to get the best
  3. Christmas - New Years week is THE busiest time of the year at WDW. This is generally followed by July 4th, Spring Break (especially if it falls near Easter) and Thanksgiving (Weds-Sun). Capacity closures are common and this is good information to keep in mind... There are 4 states to park capacity closures. 1) Parking lot entrance is closed. You can only get to a park via Disney Transportation. 2) Ticket windows are all closed and automated ticket vending machines turned off. If you are not already holding a valid ticket, you cannot get in. 3) Only those with annual passes or current KTTW c
  4. If your dog is not used to being in the TT when you're not there, I'd strongly recommend some practice runs before you get to FW so you can figure out the best setup. You can even do this at home in the yard. We crate our dogs in the TT, but they're very happy and comfortable in their crates and often hang out in them with the door open at home. If your dogs are happy in their crates, I'd recommend bringing them. If they're not, you might want to work on crate training before your trip. Big reason we crate our dogs is because if we didn't, they'd be in the windows all the time barking at every
  5. Waggin Tails is the fully enclosed dog park located just outside the entrance to the 300 loop, across from 500. Most of the park is very grassy and there are poop bag dispensers and trash barrels conveniently located. PLEASE PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG The entrance is double gated/latched to make it easier to let dogs in/out without anyone escaping. There are a couple of picnic tables and some benches for the humans (one that's generally in the shade). There are auto-refill water bowls along the fence. If the water is warm (stagnant) just splash them empty and they'll refill. There's also a hose
  6. We scour the menus before we go just to avoid this. AllEars has a decent MENUS section - fairly accurate and up to date. And super easy to read on your phone while waiting in line... http://allears.net/menu/menus.htm Last trip in November we tried out several new places, but the fave for meat & potatoes was the short rib DH got at Jiko's. He's still talking about it.
  7. 334 from November 2009 To give y'all a sense of space, the TT is almost 30' open and we had a 9x12 pen setup behind it for the dogs. Still plenty of room for the picnic table and to park the Explorer and golf cart in front. The site has large bushes behind (very private) and is about 3-4 sites from the entrance to the 300 canal dog walk. Here's site 333 from November 2008 Ditto above. Both of these sites are on the outside curve of the loop, so the space is kind of pie shape, allowing for a good chunk of space between you and your neighbors. 333 and 334 are separated by an enormous (and ve
  8. What are your favorite out of the way places to sit, relax or explore in the parks? Post pics if you have them and tell us a little about what makes the spot so great. Shhhh!!! They're out little secret. I'll start... Cinderella's wishing well This is located on the pathway up to the castle on the right side. There are a few benches here and it's a lovely out of the way place to site and enjoy the view. You also get this view of the castle that not many people see ETA: Found a photo of one of the benches... don't mind the Fiends perched on it...
  9. Mm... grilled cheese and tomato soup - a classic! We had haddock & scallop chowder. Perfect on a night when the temps are dropping steadily and MORE SNOW is on the way!
  10. We now have an entire page dedicated to all things Golf Cart Rentals - on site and off - that is being maintained regularly with current info. CHECK IT OUT HERE We also have many more pages of information on all things Fort Wilderness and WDW. This includes loop information, current activities schedules at the Fort, weekly WDW times guides for all 4 parks, restaurant information and menus, and MUCH, MUCH MORE! These are being updated and added to all the time. Check out the site map of all pages currently available HERE.
  11. 2 THUMBS UP (we need more smilies LOL) No intentions at all of going back... strongly resisting the urge to correct all the MISinformation already being posted. <sigh> Which btw, I noted in my message to the admin addy. Their response was ridiculous btw. If anyone cares, I can post both, but otherwise I won't bore you with it.
  12. I figured a rehash of this post would be helpful. Of course I've also realized that it's sorely in need of updating, so I'll try and do that as soon as possible. If anyone has any additional info to add, please chime in! :o ===== Since golf cart questions come up just about every day, I figured I'd consolidate some info. in one thread. Feel free to add on or let me know if any info is incorrect and I'll update accordingly. B]OFFICIAL FORT WILDERNESS CART [/b NOTE: These rules were given out as of 12/16/09 and the handout is dated 5/29/09. An excerpt from the same handout pertaining to th
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