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  1. Sorry guys, I really did a poor job of explaining and asking, About two weeks ago, we got a post card in the mail saying they would give us a $25 gift card for just talking to the DVC folks about what a good deal it was. They called it a virtual tour and said it would take about 15-20 minutes. I called last night and the first person asked for the special code on the post card and got my personal information. She then passed me to a sales man. Honestly, after about 5 minutes of me asking questions, he said he emailed me some documents to review and he's call me later to talk about it. One of my last questions was if they had pet friendly properties. He told me that there was no pet friendly resort at Disney. Being a smart mouth, I mentioned the Fort. He then said, well, that's not for long. They just built a dog hotel and all pets would be forced to stay there. When I pointed out that I made reservations for end of May and requested a pet loop, they never said anything. His response was, well it's okay until September or first of the year but then no more pets. Since the Fort Fiends know EVERYTHING about the Fort, I figured you guys would set me straight. Thanks everyone and sorry for the babble.
  2. Sorry, they sent me a flyer so I called and got the sales pitch for a virtual tour for dvc membership. You get a free gift card for your next trip.
  3. I'm sorry if this has been answered already but is this true? I called for a dvc tour, okay, I wanted the gift card. When I asked about pet friendly and the sales man told me that Disney was getting rid of pets entirely. I am hoping it was part of his pitch but figured some one here could confirm or debunk. I REALLY hope you all tell me it's not true... Tinkerbell and Oswald the dogs really like going. I tried the Fort and she was no help. Thanks and sorry for the hopefully dumb question!
  4. Okay, my first wish was to be adopted by the TCD family. At the ripe age of 44, guess I have to give that one up. So I went with option 2 - we are booking a cruise on the Dream for October 2013! Your trip reports are amazing! More! We need more! Thank you!
  5. Our one and only cruise was on the Sovereign of the Seas! We thought we were on the caddy of the seas until Disney pulled in to the dock beside us in Nassau. I've had cruise ship envy since then. It was still a blast and we've talked about doing it again ever since. Did you try the coco locos on Coco Cay?
  6. Disney should pay you for these! I emailed our AAA agent for prices after reading this far.... Just hoping our 9 year old enjoys it!
  7. LOVE THE lamps! Where did you find the globes for the ears? I had read that Home Depot carried them but when I looked online, I didn't see them :-( Hubby was going to make one for our trip last month and we had to scrap the project. Now I'm looking for a milk jug too :-) THANK YOU!
  8. I was a member but was just a lurker. Never really have any good information to share :-) We are still new to camping and the Fort so I love seeing the photos and hearing all the stories. Keeps me going until we can get back there. Thanks!
  9. YEAH! TCD trip reports will help me make it until our trip next year!!! THANK YOU! Kim aka Gabby's Mom
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