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  1. Strawberry Moon

    River Country

    is that on the far end away from old River Country?
  2. Strawberry Moon

    Need some opinions on RV tires.

    How often do you change your tires if your mileage has been low?
  3. Strawberry Moon

    Disney Campers?

    I have found them to be the quirkiest of any group to say the least.
  4. Strawberry Moon

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Interesting adventure. Wonder if anyone has ever done this. Maybe loop 1900?
  5. Strawberry Moon

    The Lost Jack Russell Named Abby

    Yes, it is kind of puzzling it has gone on for so long.
  6. What does this group know, if anything, about the lost Jack Russell named Abby in the Fort? There's an entire Facebook page for her now (Abby Jack Russell), she's been lost in Fort Wilderness since November, and is spotted everyday, but can't be caught . . . Mostly white, with some black spots, and maybe some tan on the face.
  7. Strawberry Moon

    Competition for ETSY?

    The free advertising advantage has to be weighed with dilution of the brand. For example, there are some really great vloggers out there these days. But many of them are rather meh to say the least. Sometimes you will hear them talk about Disney in a way that suggests that they actually represent Disney in some way, or have some sort of superior knowledge - in a way that crosses the "editorial" line. My guess is that some folks in Disney PR find these cringe-worthy, and may eventually act.
  8. Strawberry Moon

    Competition for ETSY?

    I think they have been going after sellers for quite some time. Here's a link to a DIS discussion on this a few years back. https://www.disboards.com/threads/disney-closing-etsy-shops.3323326/ It appears that one of the ways that Disney (and other companies for that matter) go after folks is by sending them a letter after Disney is notified by someone else - the someone else being a competitor of the offender. The assumption is that competitors file complaints to Disney, and then Disney shuts it down. There are still many, many out there using Disney Trademarks and names, and the number grows daily.
  9. Strawberry Moon

    Premium Site, No Pets, No Kids

    I agree about 1100 for the quiet factor. 800 is a big loop, I think, and gets a lot of travel.
  10. Strawberry Moon

    River Country

    I may be the only one who doesn't understand the map, but what exactly appears to be neighboring the 700 loop?
  11. Strawberry Moon

    group reservation

    I have found it fairly easy to get the loop I want, and then once I get there to switch to an available site if I don't like the one assigned. You may not get them side-by-side, but should be able to get them very, very close - even if it means changing it up a bit when you get there.
  12. Strawberry Moon

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    This clearly calls for buying Dove ones and Mickey ones and doing a full taste comparison.
  13. Strawberry Moon

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    Exactly - I like Dove bars from time to time, and how does a Mickey one compare? I guess shape matters after all. 🙃
  14. Strawberry Moon

    Mickey bars coming to the grocery store?!?!

    I don't think I've had one of these since the 80s. What makes them exceptional other than the shape? Are they that good?