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  1. I'd put it down to a natural ebb and flow, compounded by COVID issues. As things return to normal, and people start camping at the fort again, I bet there will be an uptick. For those of you going to the Fort, be sure to advertise the site with your snarky signs and magnets. 😃 I'm one of the folks who came here through the great trip reports that show up. I don't even camp, but I do love hearing about all things Disney. With a number of the older poster's not as active anymore, we just need an infusion of new-to-the-Fort folks to get the board rocking again.
  2. That is one of those 'Never hurts to ask." and " The worst that will happen is they say 'no'." moments. Just be kind if the answer is 'no'. Not the same situation, but similar: Outback took their fried mushrooms off the menu a few years back. We just kept ordering them, and they kept bringing them to the table. The answer to the order was 'Let me check if the kitchen can make them today." Now they are back on the menu.
  3. These look like a 'get 'em while their hot' item. Makes me wish I lived in Florida, I want one! https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/03/design-revealed-for-first-ever-walt-disney-world-license-plate-with-100-percent-proceeds-benefiting-make-a-wish/ Tue, March 23, 2021 Design Revealed for First-Ever Walt Disney World Resort License Plate with 100 Percent of Proceeds Benefiting Make-A-Wish by Tajiana Ancora-Brown, Director of External Affairs, Walt Disney World Resort
  4. I saw this coming when Magic Bands first came out. With the ability to microchip your dog, it was only a matter of time before people started trying this on themselves. I think Disney would be better served, if they instead posted a rule on their website that 'subdermal microchips will not be a valid method of entry, payment or line passing.', because someone is going to get an implant that is NOT from a Magic Band, but can be programmed to act like one.
  5. Thank you for this website and all that you do! I proudly have my snarky at home 2020 on my little kia soul. I have camping on my list this year, now to just find the tent! Hey, maybe you can do a mens meet called: MMM the Maniacal Men's Muster!
  6. hahaha... You are buying a home in a tornado. Best description ever!
  7. I liked the old reservations and FP+ systems. I don't park hop, so planning my park way in advance was fine, and having the dining reservations and FP+ done before I went to the parks, made the days in the parks much more enjoyable for me. If they change it, I'll adapt like usual, but I do hope they keep early combo dinner reservations and a spot for the special events, like Candlelight Processional or Fantasmic. Those made planning easier, too.
  8. I hope your surgery went well, and that you are at home and recovering now. Today and tomorrow will be the worst in 'immediate pain' category. I hope your doctors gave you good pain meds!
  9. What is the significance of the box lanterns on each of the trees in the Christmas Tree Stroll? The one for HM looks fine, but on Star Wars and Lion King, they look out of place. Are they for a hunt or something?
  10. I wonder if they only stopped for the Christmas / New Years weeks. Once the holidays are over, I wonder if they will go back to limiting capacity on the rides. It will be interested to see what happens starting around January 8.
  11. I'm In! Hopefully, I can help with Imgur, too. In Imgur, go to your image gallery, and select the picture you want to link. On the right, there should be a series of options. Choose the 'copy' button to the right of Direct Link. Then, on Fortfiends comment, click the 'link' button from the menu. River test pic. Past the link in the URL box, and then type your title for the link. OR, to get the picture to just show as it is below, click the 'Other media' button at the bottom right of the comment box, and select 'Insert Image from URL', paste the direct link from Imgur, an
  12. Glad to hear you are home safe. I'm also looking forward to that mini trip report. I love reading about everyone's experiences.
  13. I think it would be easier if Disney just did not allow the party of the maskless people to get the picure, but did allow a fully masked party on the same ride to have theirs if they want it.
  14. Could be a number of reasons. Since they already cancelled MNSSHP and MVMCP and all the non-resident EPCOT employees are still out of pocket, it's not like they can just throw open the gates and expect the same attendance as usual. Just because Florida opened up, doesn't mean the virus is not still ravaging the world. Many, many people don't have the spare money to get to a vacation this year, either. The Theme Parks certainly don't want to go full operational just to have to close down again because of another outbreak in the area, or just to have employees standing around with no guests
  15. It always astounds me that people think that rules can't be enforced because there's no law against what they are doing. No doofus, you didn't break any laws, but Disney is private property, and they have the right to say " GET OFF MY LAWN!" to anyone. Guess it hasn't occurred to him yet, that he is Hopper, and the ants want to stand up against HIM.
  16. LOL.. I wonder how long it will take for them to publish a correction? I'm sure that reporter is getting an earful from Star Wars fans everywhere. Reminds me of this ( watch at least the first minute) Shatner at Lucas' roast
  17. SeaWorld has already told us we can use the lanyards for 2021. We bought 2 of the 15 punch one's with the 3 free punches each. There's no way we will use all those punches in August, so we will almost certainly have one full card left for next year.
  18. This is why I am still agonizing over my December trip. I love the idea of going to WDW when the lines are low. I love the idea of having the 'I went in 2020' memorabilia. But I haven't seen any offers to discount my stay yet, and if they cancel the Candlelight Processional, Christmas around the World, and the fireworks and inside shows are still too dangerous to have, I'm pretty sure full price will not be worth it. On a fun note, SeaWorld San Antonio is having their 'limited' Seven Seas Food Festival on the weekends in August, so I have something to look forward to for the next 4 w
  19. I love SF / Fantasy. I'm also a big fan of the Pern books. If you want some fun reading, Piers Anthony's Magic of Xanth series is good. Full of puns, set in an alternate reality of Florida (Lake Ogre-fen-Ogre). It's currently at 41 books, so you might want to consider that...but the first book is "A Spell for Chameleon" if you want to look it up. Same author, but more down to earth is his series on the Incarnations of Immortality, starting with "On a Pale Horse". Piers lives in Florida, and is a very prolific writer.
  20. Wow. I don't think I could have dealt with a surprise concert weekend. My husband would have disconnected or turned off the unattended music.
  21. Spelling's been going by the wayside for a long time already. Back when my kids were in school ( early 90's), the teachers gave spelling tests, but the grades didn't count. They just corrected the spelling and moved on. Their attitude was: " As long as we can ready the word phonetically, it's fine."
  22. I really liked the FP+ system, but it did require you to 'be in the know' about Disney. Most people are not aware of having to make reservations out so far in advance. Most people don't think of anything other than buying a ticket, when planning on a theme park experience. if you want to jump the line, you pay for the extra experience when you get there. SeaWorld has had the pay system for a number of years. I feel sorry for the people that use it in San Antonio. The coasters and rides here haven't needed that extra ticket for a number of years, except maybe on holiday weekends and Hal
  23. What kind of plan are you looking for? Requiring temperature checks, requiring everyone to mask, social distancing and sanitizing hands and touchpoints frequently is the standard plan for most businesses. If they do it for everyone, CM's and guests alike, that sounds like a plan. I can't see offering testing for everyone before they return to work, and every week thereafter. That is pretty cost prohibitive. I can see not allowing the sharing of character suits during this time, and more frequent textile cleanings for CM's who have to handle them.
  24. While I love the current Splash Mountain theming, I am ok with this change. Most kids today have never seen or heard of Uncle Remus and the Brer Rabbit stories, and cannot connect. Like Mr. Toad, Uncle Remus' time has passed. The Princess and the Frog also has great songs, and I'm hoping to be able hear 'Gonna to take you there" with Raymond. I got so attached to that bug.
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