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  1. Congrats on the new camper! If you are a disney plus member, check out the September rates at the Fort, if you can go then. I'm snagging another cabin this year, the rates are pretty low during the promotion.
  2. Here's to some hopeful reform from Iger. Not sure if he can stop the avalanche, but I'm happy to see him back.
  3. I really am enjoying your story! Someday, we'll get to MNSSHP. Sounds fun!
  4. yeah, the title was just too good to not use. Proper clickbait. The baby was absolutely the first to recover. The poor mom didn't realize just how fast her baby could crawl. I got a smile from the little guy before we left.
  5. I'm going to finish up the report today. 😃 It was a short trip. Refreshed and restored, we went on through the world showcase, through Norway. Frozen was at 60 minute wait at 2:30, with no LL’s available. And so we went on into Mexico. We rode the Three Caballero’s ride, only a 5 minute wait. We came out of Mexico pavilion and picked up churros to share. I grabbed an LL for Imagination, and we went to the ride. Pooh was interacting on the lawn outside of the Imagination pavilion, so we went and got pictures. The LL saved us maybe 5 minutes in line. All of the CM’s were
  6. Cosmic Rewind is awesome! Hubby suffers from motion sickness, so he had taken his Dramamine about an hour before, and had not eaten breakfast. This was good, as he was pretty affected by the twists and turns and sideway motions. He declared it ‘re-doable’, but not with anything on his stomach. Unfortunately, we didn’t think his dad could handle the ride, as he has back problems, so we released the Virtual Queue rides. Coming back, we noticed the Jammitors setting up just outside the breezeway area. I left hubby holding a spot, and grabbed the in laws to come see. Father in law lo
  7. Hubby and I got a great rate on a Ft. Wilderness Cabin through the Disney+ September Discount. We went from Sep 20 to Sep 23rd, exactly one week before Hurricane Ian. We decided this short trip would be to honor Josh from EasyWDW with our Ten Dragon’s shirt at Nine Dragons, and to take his parents on an all expenses paid trip, because we knew we’d never get them to Disney any other way. We really wanted some Disney memories with them. Check in around 4pm on Sep. 20th. We were in Cabin 2320, backing up to the canal, nice and quiet area. I did the fax request for a 100 loop cabin, an
  8. Sorry we missed you! We left morning of 9/23. Missed the hurricane by one week.
  9. Thanks for posting this. Wooo! The Three Caballeros on one of the nights I'll be there. Score!
  10. I'll be there in a month, but that's a bit away. Hope someone goes sooner.
  11. Not weird at all. It's very mentally satisfying to accommodate the abilities of each person in a couple, even if that means you experience it separately. It also gives you great conversation fodder, since you will each have different perspectives.
  12. I think the fact that they can't add to park hours so swiftly is mainly due to staffing shortages. I'm also willing to be Disney would rather balance the number of paying guests with the amount of wear and tear on the rides. They don't want to spend extra money to meet the demand, if it's not going to be profitable. Guest comfort and satisfaction is just a mathematical equation, and they aren't shooting for 100% satisfaction. Heck, even in my industry, the old 80% satisfaction rating is falling industry wide down to 75% or even 70% as the new acceptable target.
  13. I bet the nice lady working the trolley station REALLY appreciated you stopping in to figure out what is needed, before hand. It's customers like you that make their day worth it, when I bet they deal with people yelling at them daily about the cash requirement.
  14. Hope there will still be a place for fireworks viewing when we are there in September!
  15. Thanks for posting. I love trying to copycat some of the treats, since I can't be there to get the originals!
  16. Yay! I'm visiting the fort for 2 days in September, I really was hoping Chip and Dale would be back.
  17. awww, sadness. But not as much as you have for the cancellation. Gonna go check out the DPB now!
  18. Pretty much all in the title. Going to be there Sept 20 - 22, will we be able to hear the music on the beach, or do I need to make a trip over to the park?
  19. Oooohhh.. Trip report when you are done, please!
  20. I'm in! Happy to hear the first part of the drive wasn't as bad as expected.
  21. Aww, that is sad. I was able to grab a cabin in September with the Disney Visa discount. I'm happy to finally be able to stay at the Fort, since I'm a tent camper, but never felt like doing tent camping at Disney.
  22. I can't wait to go back and be there again. HDDR is my favorite dinner show.
  23. Yep, the parks are still packed. But, from listening to the number of complaints about folks NOT being able to get a reservation, they would be even MORE packed on certain days, without them. Also, if the parks are that close to reaching capacity on normal days, because of the surge of post covid vacationers, then at least you know BEFORE you get to the park, that you won't be able to go in. It saves the CM's from having to deal with at least a few disappointed families at the entrance. (of course, now they have to deal with the families that didn't know reservations were required, so
  24. That is very sad news. Many condolences to their family.
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