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    Parking Permits

    Disney ≠ Consistency
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    Short but sweet!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it thanks!
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    Who’s who

    What we really need is a diagram that shows all of the companies that make the various parts for these manufacturers. I think almost everything is made by 2 or 3 companies.
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    Grumpy and Grandma

    Who’s who

    Prevost isn't listed either so they must have it classified with them....
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    We were lazy and said screw it....we'll catch it next time
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    Parking Permits

    With the campground at least I have stopped doing online check in. Since I do not use the option to charge to the room (or site in this case), and they don't charge a parking fee, it avoids them putting holds on my account. This does mean I have to spend 10 minutes going through check in but that doesn't bother me. Last trip I was actually excited to pull up with the bus for it's first time.
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    Who’s who

    I don't seen Adams Bus Conversion but they are a very small manufacturer.
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    2 hours is the stated time to return.
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    Also, while you are in the park waiting for park opening, try and find one of the blue "guest services" umbrellas/tents and park yourself near it. If for some reason the system doesn't see that your entire party is in the park, they will have to add you to the boarding group on their system. Being close to them will speed up that process.
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    Some New Reflections Details

    If I woke up in the Fort with my head sewn to the Hoop-De-Doo carpet, I'd be no more surprised then I am right now.
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    Regular Premium Site

    Also agree. One note from experience - there are a few sites about halfway through the loop on the outside that back up fairly closely to the sidewalk on the main road. This might be a good thing if you want easy access to that sidewalk but if you don't, avoid those sites if you can. In our case we had dogs with us and having people walking by that closely wasn't ideal.
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    Regular Premium Site

    I agree with both of the previous posts, but wanted to add some more thoughts. Considering that you’re going in June, you probably will want easy access to the pool and campfire area. If we are talking regular premium and not Meadow premium, I’d say 500 or 1300. Another thing to consider this year is all of the construction in the Settlement area. 500 and 1300 will distance you from that. TCD
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    Worked just fine! They just drove to our site and parked so traffic could get by. They even brought their dogs! We had a great visit. 😊
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    They’re also great for kids with special needs. I agree about it looking nicer.
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    Yes those are for toddlers. I would always swing my girl as high as she wanted to go. I would always get a frustrated look from the mom next to me when there kid would point and say I want to go high like her mommy. Then my daughter would say something like why don't they swing high daddy? (She was only 2 at the time or 3)
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    Thought you were referring to them disappearing periodically.. Except for the fence around the old playground, all was pretty much back to normal. Tree looked good too.
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    Greenberg Rentals

    The more I poke around the more I believe that Elite Camper Rentals is not Greenberg - but then what do I know? They did pop up right around the time Greenberg was falling apart, but that may just mean that someone who knew what was going on had the foresight to say "hmm... and opening in the market..." Where it gets hinky is that there are a few people on FB and other message boards "screaming" (in all caps) that Elite = Greenberg. Hence the cease & desist.

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