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  1. Thanks for all the replies! You guys have talked me into checking out 700 and 600. Really like 700 sites more! Is there a map that shows the site numbers. On the videos, it's hard to identify. also where does the dog walk fall with in the sites? Is it noisy with dogs always going through? My two will start a bark war if it's too loud with other dogs around. Other wise they're good and well behaved, just don't want to be a nuisance to my neighbors if I can avoid it.
  2. Will definitely call Tuesday about the rental. So wait...you can carry a battery with you?! I'm picturing the battery to be huge, bulky, heavy...guess it's not as bad as I'm thinking LOL! Have checked off grill cover and extension cord. Thank you all for the help. Any other general tips about having ECV for park days? I'm searching that now. I imagine it will be a hassle at times. The person I'm renting it for can walk very small distances yet also prefers to walk into restaurants if possible. I have my work cut out for me :) I'm pretty sure all of the Disney restaurants can accommodate ECV? Still researching.
  3. forgive my ignorance but this will be my family's first time renting an ECV as well as staying at FW. Can I drive to trails end? can I leave my car parked any where close by the boat docks to then use boat transportation to MK? I feel silly asking but do you charge the battery of the ECV in a regular outlet? Do you keep the ECV covered while at campsite? I'm trying to limit use of ECV until we're in the parks. Thank you!!
  4. cool! I didn't know 2100 was opening up. Thinking of making a grass pad with sod...still researching options. I wish I could do half park days, I'm a park open to park close type. Since it's our first time taking dogs, I know it will be different. Was thinking come back to campsite for a couple of hours around noon then head back out. Thanks for the reply!
  5. plan on visiting in 2017, still in the planning stages with everything. Few questions about having the dogs with me their. I'm driving in but will be renting an Rv, full hook up is what I'm going with. Can you suggest a pet loop and specific site? Potty time- Looking at videos and pictures, I see lots of dirt and pine needles...is this what the dogs potty on? Tell me there's another option? Mine are used to grass (super spoiled and high maintenance to say the least). Any suggestions? Should I look at another loop section? Is there a grassy area behind some of the pet friendly sites that they could potty on? Both of my dogs have fluffy coats, read in another thread that stuff from the trees gets stuck in her dog's coat. Hoping to get around this if possible. Spending the day at the Parks- What are your park days like? How often do you come back to to campsite? Thanks for any help!
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