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  1. Can anyone recommend any good shady partial hookup sites? I have an upcoming trip and am looking to put in site requests in order to get the type of site I want(if I can't get the specific site I request). My main issues are a fair amount of shade, an close proximity to a comfort station and transportation. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  2. Ok....got ya. I have a lot of 4am and 5am mornings planned, with the Galaxy's Edge opening and all, so I figure brew my morning tea overnight as cold brew, have it ready to go in the morning. Once I am in the parks I can just get ice water at the restaurants, or the new fangled fill stations, and go from there.
  3. Not sure an online filter would do me much good, considering I am tent camping.
  4. Is the water available at the campsites ok to use for drinking water or does it need purified first? If it needs purified, what would you suggest using to purify it with? I am mainly needing it for filling my water bottle in the morning before I head to the parks, not so much for cooking. I will be tent camping.
  5. After a false start last year with a planned trip I had to cancel, I am finally getting to take my camping trip to Fort Wilderness. I am wondering which loop, between 1500 and 2000, would be best for a solo adult. I will be in the parks mostly so I am using the campground as a place to sleep, and I have a 9 x 7 four person tent(a little small, but hey, it's just me in it). Aside from the one day I absolutely have to go to the Outpost to get to my destination for the day, I am planning to use the boats and monorail primarily to get around, and I know that means either the Settlement bus rout
  6. Would an 18 x 10 be pushing it? I am looking at a second tent with those dimensions.
  7. Thanks......seems like most of the sites are at least 20x20 from what I have been able to work out. I am new to camping, so choosing equipment that works for most situations is rather difficult.
  8. Thanks for the info and the warm welcome. I am looking to maximize my space and ability to stand. Simple as that. Brad
  9. Thanks. Then my only clear restrictions seems to be any other campgrounds I visit(plan a stop in Charleston or Savannah for the night, to break up my driving).
  10. I've been looking at tents up to 14' x 14' just for my lonesome. Want room to move in the tent. Got a site booked, and plan to stop off in SC or GA on my way down from VA.
  11. I am going to be tent camping at Fort Wilderness this September, and as I do not currently own a tent(new camper), I would like to find out what the maximum tent size I should be looking at purchasing for a partial hookup site would be. I know the site sizes vary and did look at the apps, but that doesn't really give me the size of the coquina pads at the back. I am over 6 feet tall, so it would be beneficial for me to have a larger tent if possible. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.
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