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  1. I figure that is probably what would be their issue-- the idea that we might use it as a camper. We are not looking for using it as a camper while we are there, but it will have all of our stuff in it and is our vehicle. And yes, there are sleeping accommodations for everyone in the cabins. We have 8 adults and 3 grandchildren (8, 3 and 1). The bunk beds in one of the cabins won't even be used. But when I am looking for my whatchamacallit or my thingamajig, it's likely to be in the camper so I don't want it parked elsewhere. Obviously if we are forced to, that will be that. My husband did mention it when he made the reservations but the CM didn't seem to know the answer and was like "You might have to park it in the overflow lot" I am hoping we run into nice CMs who are understanding and allow us to park it in the driveway.
  2. Hi all! We booked two cabins for our family in November-- there are 11 of us (8 adults and three small kids). My husband and I (and my Daughter, her husband and their kids) will be travelling to WDW from PA, so we have decided to take our 22 ft Class C so that we will have a more comfortable travelling experience- we will break the trip up into two days. We booked the two cabins so that our large group can vacation together. My question is, will we be allowed to park the camper in the parking space at the cabins? We do not plan on using it as a camper during our stay, but it will have all of our stuff in it and I really don't want it to be parked in a parking lot, away from us, for the whole week. Especially because it fits in a normal driveway with no problem. Also, there will be times where we want to use it as our transportation to get to the further away parks like AK, instead of the bus system. Has anyone else done this? I know we will be charged $20 a night to park it as other people are who bring a car. Our other kids are flying in, so they will not have a car. Thanks for reading and any insight you have
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