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  1. Thanks for the welcome 🙂 I didn’t think about the comfort station toilets. It might be odd walking a bucket into the stalls, but It would work. I remember seeing a lot of the tent sites with kitchen setups, so i figured I’d ask. I have read somewhere else (Facebook most likely) that people have dumped at open sites with sewers.
  2. My wife and I our coming back to the Fort in April, and are planning to do some cooking at our tent site. During previous trips, we haven't done any cooking, so we know that there is power and cold water at the tent sites. The concern becomes how to maintain a clean site afterwards (dishes in particular). We brought our own hose and bucket before, so now its just adding on some kitchen tools to our packing. The question I have is what do people do with the dirty dish water after you are done cleaning up? From what I recall, there isn't a drain anywhere at the site. Is there a dump spot th
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