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Hi y'all, we are "camping" at the Mountain Falls Luxury Motorcoach Resort in Lake Toxaway, NC. I promise I will try to add some pics to the other campgrounds board later. 

Anyhoo, we are having an issue with our electric steps on our motorhome. We have a switch at the door that is supposed to control them staying out all the time or going in and out with the door closing. Usually we don't do anything to the switch and when we take the key out of the ignition or turn the engine off, they stay out for good. This time they keep going in and out. The switch is not lighted, so we're not real sure which is on or off, but we have tried both positions multiple times and they still keep going in and out. All the other switches there seem to be working properly. 

Anyone had this issue? My only guess is that switch is bad. 

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29 minutes ago, Millermouseketeers MaryAnn said:

No solution but good luck. Ours broke our last Fort trip. Won't go out at all so I can sympathize with you.

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Thanks. Oddly after it doing it a thousand times, it finally just stopped and stayed out. Hopefully that doesn't mean it's staying out for good!

We did have them replaced after they broke when a heavy guy stepped on them while doing the state inspection a couple of years ago, so I can sympathize with you too!


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