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Don't waste your money on a Disney World vacation this year, especially if you've never been before

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Long article but has some good information for people that aren't that Disney savvy.


As a result, both Disney diehards and fans ready for their first visit are left wondering if they should plan a Disney World vacation in 2021.

Unfortunately, the answer is no if you're hoping to experience a magical, once-in-a-lifetime trip this year.

Among the unavailable staples are character meet-and-greets, evening firework displays, daily parades, and live shows like Fantasmic.

These changes would be disappointing at any theme park. But at Disney World specifically, what's a vacation without hugging Mickey Mouse, staying late to watch fireworks behind Cinderella Castle, and seeing Broadway-like performers throughout the parks?


That being said, Disney World ticket prices have generally remained the same since the theme park reopened in July 2020. Standard admission costs upwards of $109, and park-hopper tickets are even pricier, starting at $174.

If you're planning to take your first-ever Disney World trip in 2021, you should probably hold off

AJ Wolfe, the founder of the Disney Food Blog, told Insider that Disney World is "very different" right now, with "a lot missing from the general experience you would normally have." 

Are you going for your very first trip ever, or your only trip ever?" she said. "Are you bringing the whole family and spending 16 mortgage payments? Now is probably not the time to go if that's the case. You're not going to get the full experience — you're just not. I don't think there's any way to sugarcoat that."


"There are a lot of things not available right now that would really make your trip so memorable and so Disney," she added.

Disney World is currently best suited for annual passholders, Florida locals, and other frequent visitors

According to Wolfe, Disney World's COVID-19 safety precautions and unavailable attractions will be "more of an inconvenience than a major disappointment" to people who have already experienced the theme park.

Hemphill, a Disney World annual passholder, said visiting the theme park now is actually "almost nice" thanks to a "change of pace."

"We had to slow down because there are no FastPasses or dining reservations," she said. "We just had to go, experience it, and not do as much planning, which was kind of refreshing. We were even able to enjoy some of the little details around Disney that we hadn't seen."



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