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  1. Thank you so much for your response! It does seem from what you have found that dogs are the only pets officially allowed. I am very grateful for your references!
  2. Hello - I have appreciated FF for all of your helpful info over the years, but have mostly been a by-stander as it was so easy to find the answers to my questions without asking outright! Now I have a question that I cannot find here - that's new! I had a reservation for a pet friendly cabin for 2021 which we cancelled when we thought our plans would change due to COVID. This reservation was for a pet friendly cabin, and the agent said we could bring our dog and ALSO OUR CAT - we have a diabetic cat that needs insulin and he doesn't like house-sitters much. The agent who helped us book over th
  3. PS we need a pet-friendly rental. :) And SEESHORES I love the Airstream idea! :)
  4. Hello! I have been perusing all of the "preferred vender" info as I am thinking of renting again over the holiday season this year (sometimes I just don't want to tow our rig that far as we live in TX). I rented from Greenburg once in the past and had a bad experience so that one is out. Meacham's responded this time that they are "closed for Christmas from Dec 18-25th - really?!! So we arrive on Dec 19th 2020 - out of luck. Kissimmee Orlando RV is responding to my emails and seems interested in renting to us but they are not listed as a "preferred" rental company, so could they drop the cam
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