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  1. It's the BassMaster, believe it or not. I opened up this 8 page masterpiece in the works, and couldn't put it down. Best of luck to you, Jason. Maria will take good care of you as she is very fond of fiends...as am I.
  2. I knew if I opened the door, someone would jump right in.......Bill, you da man !!
  3. Holy crappola, who'd a thunk that the BassMaster moniker would cause such a commosh? I was going to go with Ocho-cinco, but that was already taken, and then given back, I think. I have a good mind to start a Change BassMaster's Name thread. Actually, I don't have a good mind so that won't happen. This TR has gotten smacked, jacked and hacked by a bunch of "Fiends Gone Wild".....and I'm diggin' it. I'm almost ready to change my name to "Where's The Fish". That should start a whole new posting frenzy of planetary proportions.
  4. Thanks, Lou. I think fiends are getting freaked by the BM moniker. I'm thinking of changing to BassSlayer. What says you?
  5. Oh, TCD, did I happen to mention that this was an excellent TR. Yeah, just did. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Now, I must talk about Josie. I love her. Some time last year we needed Benadryl and she gave me directions to the Walgreens near the fort. My son and I ate breakfast there at TE and I talked to her for about a half hour, about all kinds of stuff, especially how long she had worked there and the changes and the people; great stories. I ran into her this past July trip and said hi. I thanked her again for those directions to Walgreens that she gave last year. She didn't remember my name, but definitely the stash.
  7. Thank goodness Genia didn't mention BM. I'm thinking maybe BassSlayer. How des that work for ya?
  8. You tell 'em, Dave. We should have a grand gathering of fiends at the main lobby and offer a grand mooning during high traffic check-in time. Heck, I'd even put a pair of Snarky tatoos on my butt cheeks to make sure that they knew who they was messin' with. You guys got me pumped now. Oh, yeah, check it out. I AM A FORT FIEND, so don't you dare call me JR, anymore. Dat's right. I am a double-naught fiend, fer sure.
  9. Thanks, Lou. Being ignored by you is an honor and a privilege and I will always cherish your non-answer. :rofl3: BTW - I am at 99 posts and ready to be crowned a double-naught fiend. Sweet.
  10. That's the plan. Those last days of the year are expensive. Then the price drops in half right after new years day.
  11. This is what we really want: December 28 - January 6
  12. Damn, there ain't nuthin' but cabins left between Turkey Day and mid-January.
  13. Holy crappola, did I start this thread? I thought it got deleted because I was such a newbie at the time and I hadn't learned much about how to navigate these waters. I still don't know much. In fact, I just found the "My Content" button this evening. After 6 months of thinking I was being ignored, I come to find out I was being ignorant. Thank you all so much for the help, and the "Shiners", and the jabs. I am SO at home here.
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