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  1. No...I do not have AAA.....been thinking about getting it in hopes getting a discount at the Fort.
  2. I just booked our June 2014 trip. Staying for 8 nights...6/21-6/28...leaving on the 29th. average cost for a full hookup site was 94.00 a night. Not really thinking that it is worth it!!! We ( wife and 2 boys) only go to the water parks a few times while we are there so we don't really need to be close to anything. I love camping at Disney but I can book somewhere else very close by for half that price....yes it's not the Fort but......the beer is just as cold in my cooler there as the Fort.....and the rain is just as bad. Thoughts anyone??? Tim
  3. Just booked for June 21-29 2014......average night 95.00 a night.... not real sure how many more times I can afford to do that. We can stay elsewhere close to Disney for almost half that much. And since we only go to the water parks with the boys a couple of days during our stay I'm beginning to think I should cancel.
  4. Just looked at booking our week in June 2014. I can not believe what they want for a full hook up site this year. But I am still going to book it. Was thinking of buying AP's for the wife and I since the boys really don't like going to the parks, only the water parks. Do you get any discounts on reservations if you are a AP holder?? Tim
  5. no it will be our 2nd. He went with us when we spent the week last june.
  6. We arrive Friday jan. 10th for a short weekend stay. Can't wait.
  7. we walked thru the 1900 loop last time we were there and I liked it....maybe I will give the 1900 loop a try this time. It's only for a weekend so any site at the Fort for that short of a time is fine. Tim
  8. we are going to be at the Fort for just a weekend Dec.10th...we have stayed in the 1700 the past 3 times. What is everyones opinion on the 1800 loop?? Thank You Tim
  9. There's a place called The Ocean Deck right on the ocean near the main street pier...more of a bar than a restaurant but they do have good food.Very much a local hang out. On the main land side there is Caribian Jacks on Balou road,sit right on the river. I live in Daytona..if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Tim
  10. Thank You Dave!!! Like you we already had children of our own. It warms all of our hearts to be able to help this young boy out. We took him to the Fort in june and he was totally blown away by everything and had a wonderful experience, he had never been camping or to a theme park, even thou we only took him to the water parks he asks to go back every weekend.
  11. What a great story. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.
  12. We bought our new TT 14 months ago and have spent about a total of 12 nights in it. With me loosing my job for a few months and us trying to adopt a child we haven't had a lot of time or money for camping.Spent a week at the fort in june and will be there again this weekend. I am planning on using it more this year coming up...even if it will only be for weekends since I only have 1 week vacation with my new job.
  13. In June we stayed in 1733...I think.it was right next to the comfort station and easy to back into.We liked it.
  14. We just booked a weekend at the fort for my birthday.We will be there 11/22-11/24.Can' wait.
  15. My wife and I went on the same ship for our honeymoon in 1998.It was the after it had won ship of the year.It is a great ship. Tim
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