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Guys. We Have To Talk About The New runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend Medals.

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If you’re part of the Disney community on social media, you probably scroll through seemingly endless photos of runners posed at Disney World as they embark on distance races through the park a few times a year.


Princess Half Marathon Weekend (2023)

You might think to yourself, “These people pay to run? On TOP of walking through the parks for hours on end throughout their trip?” Well, the answer is… kind of. We’re actually paying for the gorgeous MEDALS that we’re rewarded with upon finishing a race. One fan-favorite race weekend hosted at Disney World each year is the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, which includes sunrise yoga, three distance races through the parks, and a race challenge that allows you to compete in the 10k and half marathon. Well, Disney just shared the bling that you can score for participating in these races, and believe us when we say they are fit for royalty.


Without further ado, let’s check out some medals! 



For those who participate in the 5k (3.1 miles), this medal with Ariel will be awarded! We were really surprised by the art style used for these medals, as it doesn’t resemble anything we’ve seen before on Disney Princess merchandise. It almost looks comic-style!



Next up is the 10k! Those who participate in the 6.2 mile course will receive this Rapunzel medal. We love that this one resembles the Sundrop Flower!



Those who participate in the half marathon (13.1 miles) will receive this gorgeous medal featuring Tiana. This one is our favorite!



Those who successfully complete both the 10k and the half marathon while maintaining an average of 16-minute per mile pace or faster will receive this Fairy Tale Challenge medal! 




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