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  1. Copy that - so what do you feel is the minimum one should have for each?
  2. Hello to all, I’m preparing to arrive at the fort with my new travel trailer on Dec 20th. I have been to the fort many times on family Rv trips (as a child), in the cabins, and in rented RVs. For our upcoming stay, I have a premium meadow site. My trailer is just shy of 31 feet long. What I’m wondering is how much length is needed at FW in terms of electric power cord, sewer hose, and water hose with my set up? I have been ordering things over the past few weeks as I await taking delivery on my trailer this upcoming week. If there are any other items that are typically
  3. Hello All, I am staying at the fort at the end of December in a cabin. I have lined up two Outside vendor rentals - one for a golf cart and one for a 12 ft trailer to transport the cart. My question is whether or not I’ll be able to leave said 12 ft trailer in front of the cabin in addition to my F150 pickup truck and the golf cart? Ive never rented a cart from an outside vendor or been in this situation. If I was at a trailer campsite, it seems that it wouldn’t be an issue at all. But I think I recall having read that cabins/sites are only allowed to have one vehicle. Does this smal
  4. This might be a long shot, but does anyone know the dimensions of the picnic table that FW provides? I'm trying to figure out if a screen room of mine can fit around it. Thanks, OutdoorsNY
  5. Thanks for the response. Both bikes will have front and rear lights - so all set there. OutdoorsNY
  6. Hello everyone I'm visiting the Fort this coming Sept 17-21. To save some money, I am considering foregoing the expense of the golf cart rental and bringing along the bikes. I'm traveling with my girlfriend only, so two adults. I have never visited without renting the golf cart and haven't paid much attention to the biking situation - although I do know it's quite popular at FW. I would love to hear any tips or advice on biking the fort from the experts. My main concern is access to bike racks when we take the bus to the parks. Will we be able to lock our bikes? is
  7. TTC - Transportation and Ticket Center This is one I hear used most often. I'm surprised I didn't see it, but maybe I overlooked it on another post. OutdoorsNY ?
  8. Wow this app is awesome. Thanks to all who were involved! It's such a practical tool - great idea! OutdoorsNY
  9. My first trip was around 1990-91 and that was proceeded with annual trips for a long while. I was lucky to have experienced River Country in all of its glory. I cannot remember riding the railroad, but I should dig up some old pictures (that is one of my favorite threads.) Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. OutdoorsNY
  10. Hello to all! I have long been a passive follower of this site. I joined a while back, but felt reluctant to post. I just wanted to say thanks to all of the great contributors here. I live in New York - a long ways from Disney in more ways than one. I love WDW and the fort, and being able to check out the fort fiends is like a mini vacation every time I log in. My family had a travel trailer when I was young and we stayed at the fort every year. As an adult, I've visited the fort in all of the other capacities that I know of - tent camping, local Rv rentals, and the cabins. Even thou
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