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  1. I'll have to take a look when I get back out to the garage. RAZR Maxx Tapatalk'd
  2. That I am auntie. :D RAZR Maxx Tapatalk'd
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone I got the other one painted up hopefully get some better pics this weekend. RAZR Maxx Tapatalk'd
  4. So I was bored yesterday and decided to try my hand at painting a flamingo. Start up Getting some color After the final coat of color time for some fancy clear coat Final product think it looks cool. Looks normal during the day but reflects when hit by light such as golf cart head lights. RAZR Maxx Tapatalk'd
  5. 1989 I would have been 4 I do remember one year driving on a golf cart after the movie a giant frog jumping up and landing on my chest scared the ever loving crap out of me.
  6. I try to go shooting once a month currently own a few guns. 2 Mossberg 500's, Romanian wasr-10, Taurus 1911, Taurus PT140, a Mosin Nagant and My trusty Marlin model 60. Really wish ammo prices would come back down though the 1911 gets expensive to shoot but its my favorite.
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