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  1. CG suggestions, tips and hints? I haven't done much research yet, but it looks like the "go to" is the Gettysburg campground, with sites by the creek as ideal. What say you, fiends?
  2. We're loving the truck, hating the fuel costs! We're on our way to pick up the camper today. First official road trip in the truck (3 1/2 hr drive) which is pretty different from a road trip in my Odyssey... my kids are too close to me LOL!
  3. WE GOT THE TRUCK AND FOUND OUR CAMPER :jumpforjoy A friend & colleague sold us their 5er for $6000! Immaculately maintained, and new to us- '05 Layton bunkhouse. We pick it up Sunday!! Wow.....
  4. Wow... this looks so different not on tapatalk. Anyway- just checkin in before the crazy hits at work. :)
  5. I LOVE Amazon! Side Subject (maybe separate thread worthy..)... do you follow any other camping related message boards?
  6. Good to know. I think the husband thinks it looks badass anyway..
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