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  1. I personally have never been to FW (arrive july 8th), but do not have a problem with UTV's. as long as the people driving them are acting civil. they sjould not be driven fast, say not over 15 mph. thats about the same speed as a stock golf cart. and kids should be supervised. if no adult is present, then the adult that witnesses the kids racing on a cart should stop them and take the keys and tell them to walk back and get your parents or guardian to come retrieve the cart. OR just bust that kids ass like they really need then escort them back to the parents and explain what happened! when I
  2. wow $300 does that include meals and a massage for me and DW? lol I guess I will be sitting with my fellow peasants.
  3. so first question, how do you reserve a table and umbrella at the water parks? can you do it online? and wre they all the same price?
  4. Thanks for all the info. Sorry I haven't replied before now, been very busy at work and home getting trailer ready for the trip. We usually use the showers at the Rv parks we stay at. 3 teenage kids keep the shower tied up for a while plus no hot water after the first kid showers! Lol. Are the showers free? Or do you have to buy tokens for the showers and toilets.
  5. I havent seen any info on the comfort stations. I am sure they are very clean, but are the showers typically crowded. where are the laundry facilities located?
  6. only 16 more days till we leave for FW!!!!! I think im more excited than the kids. it is my first time to disney as well.
  7. my DW uses listerine to spray the yard and it works very good for repelling mosquitos. we live in se texas where the mosquitos are brutal at times. she uses one of the yard guard bottles that attach to the water hose and just sprays the yard every couple of weeks.
  8. I am looking for the picture of mickey holding the musket and wearing the coon skin hat. I saw it a while back but cant find it again.
  9. so did you ask this GM why they would have a call center offsite and not have the customers call directly to FW for questions and concerns? and mention that we need some way of actually reading a set of rules and regs for FW online or mailed to us when requested. I cant even find a place on the disney website to input comments such as this.
  10. so when yall wash your vehicles, trailers, and other toys in florida yall contain all of the soap and runnoff so it doesn't make the wildlife talte like "soap". and when you wash off all of the love bugs off the front of your truck the wildlife taste like "love bugs" if that is the case can yall try some other flavors, you never know you may be on to something. naturally flavored alligator! lmao
  11. I obviously have to agree with you. lol you have to use common sense here. I mean all the animals poop and pea on the ground and we sometimes step in it. but that don't kill us! I agree we need waste laws, if not there would be raw sewage on the ground everywhere. I have always why it is so bad for us to put waste on the ground, but we use animal waste to fertilize our gardens?? chew on that for a while
  12. its going to be a long line at the dump stations if you have to clean and dispose of the ground! lol there will be a big hole in the asphalt where the sewer connections drip when you disconnect it.
  13. now we are getting somewhere. thank you for posting all the links to FDH and the code on grey water. that is what I was looking for.... black and white documentation on the rules and regs, not someones opinion on how sick the native animals will get if they eat a crumb off the ground. lol So the way I read it even if I ran a hose to the sewer I would still be in violation of FHD codes. I understand it has to be a sealed system, without any leaks. thanks ftwildernessguy, and Big Kahuna aka John for posting the links for the codes. I am NOT going to use my outdoor sink in Florida. lol so
  14. I did ask if it was OK to use an outdoor sink, not wether or not everyone LIKES the idea. It doesn't matter if you or anyone else LIKES what I do as long as I am following the rules. I dont see a problem putting dish water on the ground as long as it doesn't make a mess of the camp site or my neighbors camp site. Contrary to your belief I DO care about my neighbors. there are several people on here that stated their opinions and not facts. after I called FW and confirmed I can use the sink, some people did not like the answer I received and started bashing me and the staff that answers the pho
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