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  1. Construction by the 800 loop
  2. I am the same way. We are coming back in November and if I were to bring my ranger instead of my cart I would be the one to get stopped
  3. Just a little frustrating. Makes me want to take out my not fort approved fire pit and start a fire tonight
  4. The last few times we came I have seen one or there. We got in last night and within an hour we saw a Polaris ranger, a mule crew and another utv.. Are they not enforcing the rules????they clearly state no utility or atv. Just curious.
  5. We were there last week and asked about stickers but were told none were planned. Really want a fort sticker for the rv and cart
  6. Anyone know if there have been any changes?? We are at the fort now Nd the paperwork still says no fires. It said that last time we were here too but fires were allowed
  7. We are passholders but we are bringing friends in November for the food and wine festival. They only need passes for 1 day. WDW has them for $76 on their site. Anywhere cheaper or is this the best bet? Thanks
  8. I would use the one you bought, but use it responsibly and you shouldnt have a problem.
  9. I have one that is unapproved but I have used it numerous times and never had a problem
  10. Thanks. I actually joined a few months ago and made a few Posts. Ut for some reason my membership is gone......looking forward to our next trip
  11. Anybody know if the the Samuel Adams tasting tent will be back this year? It wasnt there last year and we were really disappointed
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