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  1. Found the new Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom T-shirts at the Emporium today. They really do seem to give your cards and extra power boost. Still looking for the new extra card packages. The CMs tell us that the cards go out the door faster than they can stock them and there have been no restocks in at least three weeks. Hmmmm??
  2. Gina...we leave tomorrow... :'( I'll be glad to toss your keys out the window to you as we go by on I-95??
  3. Before coming to the Fort we were in Maine at Acadia NP. Lobster was $4-5/pound cooked for you...just pick it up at the roadside stand. Lobster dinner in Bar Harbor (1 1/2 pounder) was $10. Oh so yummy!! We stopped at Linda Bean's restaurant in Freeport, ME and the lobster was really good there too. Nothing like that nasty stuff at Epcot! I would be ashamed to put my name on that Epcot lobster junk! My opinion of escargot??? :barf:
  4. Oh...that's easy....CANADA and the steak with truffle butter was hands down the absolute best!! Best dessert....it's a tie....IRELAND for lava cake and BELGIUM for the waffle. :drool1:
  5. Have fun...just bring an empty stomach! You're absolutely correct! We started out with $200 and have about $50 left....and that was food only - NO DRINKS! You're welcome...hope you enjoyed the trip!
  6. :wave1: Hi Rita and Mama! It was so very nice to see you again...even if it was only for a short visit. Mama is just the funniest and oh so cute ! Hope to see you both (and Ed too!) on our next visit. And for Ed......
  7. Here comes the final installment of gastronomic delicacies from Epcot’s 2012 Food & Wine Festival. ITALY Ravioli di Formaggio all’Emiliana – Nice creamy sauce, very good but nothing that you couldn’t get at a decent Italian restaurant. HOPS & BARLEY Linda Bean’s Lobster Claw Cuddler with Herb Mayonnaise – Unfortunately, this was the worst food item we attempted to eat. The claw had a strong fishy smell. When meat was removed from the shell it had a peculiar yellowish cast to it. We couldn’t get it past our noses to take a taste…and I think I’m glad we didn’t! Linda Bean’s Perfect
  8. Saw this new balloon yesterday. The sign is still out saying the attraction is closed and nobody was around to ask for information.
  9. Sad to say but your site was filled with new people in less than a couple hours :'(. Wish you could have stayed longer! Great TR...waiting for the rest of the story! Amber's little Princess is stiff competition for Prince Aiden!! Just to tease you some more...here he is with his first lobster dinner in Bar Harbor, Maine.
  10. Nope, sorry. But I will be sure to pass on the hugs. We had him with us for 10 weeks on an extended summer trip up to Maine, Acadia NP, and many places in between. We just returned him home about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Mom and Dad said it was time for him to stay home a while and rejoin the family. We're hoping to have him back with us to see the Christmas lights or maybe early next year. Hope our paths cross again sometime.
  11. Yesterday we went over to the Carolwood Pacific meeting room at the Wilderness Lodge DVC building. We met Dave and saw Russell. Both were very busy talking to the many people interested in Disney railroads. If you want more information on Disney railroads, one of the places you can go to is www.fortwildernessrailroad.com Here's a few pictures from around the room. Here is Dave Leaphart. If you're interested in FWRR, you can purchase these books and the mugs too. Notice the spike and part of the track in the upper center of this picture. These are actual blueprints from the FWRR Here’s
  12. You can't live in the Buffalo area and not know about Beef on Kimmelweck (weck) Rolls. I live for the days we go back to visit family and get to eat all those ethnic foods again. And, of course, I have to get my fill of Ted's Char-Broiled Hot Dogs too!! Yea!!! :yay: I'll make sure we are back by dinner time on the 4th. You can find us in 432...how about joining us for a GAG??
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