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  1. Hey Guys, Does anyone have any idea if there will be a parade this year? Thanks...Boli
  2. Hi Guys, Just trying to finalize plans on the 24th. Does anyone know about what time the golf cart parade starts? Thanks...Boli
  3. They will deliver to the front desk and they will place in a fridge till you pick it up. Beave
  4. Hey Fiends, Are there any Christmas Eve activities going on at the fort this year? Thanks...Boli
  5. Hi Guys, We are going to the Fort for a week next month with our 4 year old. We are late parents so while having been to the Fort a zillion times, never looked at the kids aspect of what to do. We would like to take a day to hang there instead of the usual parks stuff we do and let her have some campground fun. We already are planning on a pony ride and Chip and Dale but can anyone throw out some suggestions or ideas what a little girl might get a kick out of? Thanks, Boli
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