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Guest Arrested After Refusing to Leave Disney Springs

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Disney is still taking the mask wearing, temp checks, and other rules seriously.

They have posted new larger signs at DS showing what type of masks are and are not acceptable.

I'm sure it's twofold, one to protect the guests, and probably the bigger reason to protect them from liability/lawsuits.


One of the main things that have been implemented all over Walt Disney World Resort property is temperature checks. At the entrance of Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Springs, all Guests must undergo a temperature check to ensure that no one entering has a fever. It is a simple process of a forehead scan, and the lines often move fairly quickly.


It seems, however, that one Guest did not comply, and ended up being arrested last month because of it. The Orlando Sentinel reported on the February 13 incident:

Kelly Sills had gotten past the Disney Springs medical tent without having his temperature checked on Feb. 13. A sheriff’s deputy caught up with him outside The Boathouse restaurants where Sills was yelling at a security manager and waving his arms, the report said. Sills was arrested after he refused to leave Disney Springs.

Sills, 47, of Baton Rouge, La., pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of trespass on property after being warned, according to Orange Circuit Court records.

Attorneys for Sills, Beltran and Johnson did not return messages for comment.


It seems that Sills went against Disney World’s temperature check safety procedure and expected to stay on property when that is not permitted. Disney strongly enforces their safety regulations such as proper mask and face coverings as well as social distancing and has said that anyone who does not want to comply should not visit the parks, and if they do visit and disobey the rules, they will be removed from the property.

It is apparent that Sills was not peacefully leaving the property and therefore was arrested at Disney Springs.

Unfortunately, this is not the first case of Guests disobeying the rules and inciting violence. We have previously reported arrests and fights that have broken out over mask compliance on Disney property.

Disney World is enforcing these pandemic-era policies to keep a safe environment for all Guests who are visiting the theme parks, and Cast Members will actively patrol the parks and property to ensure that the rules are being followed. They will even stop attractions mid-ride if they can see via cameras that a Guest removed their mask, so anyone visiting sure ensure they are accepting of the rules prior to arrival. 

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