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Disney Rescinds Trademark App for "Navy Seals"

UPDATE: Disney has rescinded its applications for trademarks involving "SEAL Team 6," according to a Disney spokesman, "out of deference to the Navy." Disney had planned (and still plans, apparently) to develop a television show much like "NCIS" or "JAG", two other Navy units which were turned into successful TV shows.

According to Fox News, Disney filed trademark applications with the US Patent and Trademark office for the name "SEAL Team 6."

As you might remember, SEAL Team 6 is the commonly-known name of the group of Navy SEALs who took down Usama bin Laden a few weeks ago.

Disney's trademark application encompasses "everything from entertainment, toys, video games, clothing, footwear -- even Christmas ornaments and snow globes," according to the story.

The Navy responded by applying for trademark status for the SEALs themselves.

This is an interesting story- I assume that Disney has a film idea or two in the works about the SEALs, and wanted to protect the names for themselves. Disney's done this sort of thing before- we first learned about the Golden Oaks project next door to the Fort by the fact that they'd registered several domain names associated with it. The article seems fairly adversarial in nature, as if Disney's trying to steal the name, but given the fact that Disney has worked closely with the military going back all the way to World War II, I think Disney and the Navy will come to an agreement.

Adding confusion to the situation is the fact that the Navy hasn't used the name "SEAL Team 6" itself since 1987- the unit formerly known as SEAL Team 6 is officially known as "United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group," or "DEVGRU" for short. Much about the unit itself is classified.

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