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  1. I have enjoyed your TR. We are heading to Pop in 2 1/2 weeks with our kids - 5, 5 and 2!
  2. thank you so much! This is very helpful!
  3. Can anyone recommend good places to rent scooters from? We want one that can be delivered to our resort (pop century) so DH has it to use at all times. Thanks much!!
  4. Jason, Thanks for all your information. We just booked on the Dream for January. Can you provide some additional information on the nursery? Cost, etc. Our little guy will have just turned 2 and the twins 5. They are so excited about the kids club! I have read some information regarding a pager system so they can get ahold of you. Do you know how that works? Any information you can provide for the kids club and nursery would be fantastic!
  5. I hadn't thought of doing a golf cart for the day. Might be a better way to see things. Though the twins love horses so we will see what they ask to do. Thanks for the information! We leave tomorrow and can't wait!
  6. I thought this might be a great way to unwind one evening. Can anyone share their opinions or experiences? Where do they take you? Our kids are 4, 4 and turning 1.
  7. really enjoying your trip report! You have gotten to see a lot of great places
  8. thanks for sharing the pics from storytime with Belle. Sadly we will be just missing the opening Good reason to go back again!!
  9. great to read a trip report from another newbie! We will be heading to the fort in November for the first time. Can't wait Hmm vegetarian and camping. Those 2 words just don't seem to fit together
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