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    Obviously "passive cooling" was tested in Cali or Switzerland. Someone needs to take some Disney Execs for a Sunday drive down I-4 in August, turn off the A/C, and roll down the tinted windows so they can enjoy some Florida passive cooling. LOL!
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    I didn't like the high prices either, but everybody seems to forget it's all about supply and demand. When the latest RV boom hit everybody started complaining about not being able to get a site in many State and local parks unless they reserved 6 mo out or longer same at WDW. Every article you read about the new construction at Coronado Springs and the new Resort going up ar the FORT mentions the need to meet demand. Many tourist industry experts say the price increases, both at the Parks and Resorts are the only way for WDW and Universal to have to help with crowd control and it really doesn't seem to help. Prices go up and the crowds get bigger.

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