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  1. Sorry to hear you weren't happy with the FW episode. In our defense, it was only episode #3, and since then we've worked very hard to improve our research and correct any mis-steps in subsequent episodes. Back then we didn't even have good recording equipment and really had no idea on how to put a show together. We now do much more preparation, research and notes ahead of time. We know many of you are experts on the Fort, and in the future we'll revisit the fort with a more well prepared episode. We always welcome constructive feedback, it only helps us get better. Feel free to email us
  2. Before Riles Island it was called Raz Island and sometimes Idle Bay Isle... all pre-Disney (It was Riles when they purchased it)... The island is one of two locations of the fabled Roy's Cabin
  3. That is what it was called before it became Discovery Island... Anyone know the 2 other names the island had before that?
  4. Greetings all! My first post here, so feel free to move this to the right category if needed. We recently completed a restoration of a Super8 home movie from 1976 that I think you will all enjoy. There is general footage of the Fort from 1976. There are great scenes of the beach/boat area, Meadows Depot, Settlement Depot and more! And of course, some of the best footage of the FWRR I've seen. Enjoy! (We have some great vintage River Country footage too if anyone is interested). Full article about the film: http://www.retrodisneyworld.com/imageworks/films/art-and-li
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