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  1. Back when I was a kid and then as an adult, when we joined my parents on trips to the Fort in their motor home, my Dad always packed everything up the day before we left. Course we had to drive 1,400 miles to get home to NH and my Dad generally left between 3-4 am to get an early start. We always left on Saturday and everyone had to be back at work/school on Monday. Yes, it was/is a drag to pack up the day before and have to leave so early. I could only dream about being 2 hours away instead of 25-28 hours!!! I am setting my sights on getting one of those two cabins on our trip in October
  2. Thanks so much!!! It is a good feeling!!! It will be six years in July that I was diagnosed.It will be six years in August that we took a two week trip to Disney to help pass the time between the surgery when I was diagnosed and another major surgery at the end of August. It was on that trip six years ago, that my boys and I were in line for Toy Story Midway Mania, that I did a double take when I thought I saw the famous TCD behind us in line!!! I was able to confirm it was TCD when I spotted the equally famous twin #1 and twin #2!!! Hard to believe that was six years ago!!!! Way to go tw
  3. Good Lord, that SOS turned my stomach just looking at it!!! I was sitting here and laughing out loud over your description of it and my husband wondered what was so funny, so I showed him your pic and read what you wrote!!! We both groaned and laughed!! Thanks for taking one for the team!! Love your new magic band! Wish Disney would put teal bands into the rotation for guest to select. I "need" a teal one as teal is the color for ovarian cancer survivors, of which I am!! Loved all of your fort photos!!
  4. Ha, ha, ha!! I actually had to go on-line and see if this is still offered and surprise, surprise, it is not!! It actually ended about a week after we were there! It was officially called a "Frozen pre-show package" I looked at their advertisement from last year and this is what was included for $50.00 per person. -Event credentials lanyard with collectible pin -Frozen shaved ice treat -beverage station with soft drinks, beer and wine (this is true, but was a waste for us. The kids and I do not drink any soft drinks, weird I know!! My husband loves beer, but you we
  5. PLEASE figure something out before we come down at the end of October!!!!! I "need" a loophole!!!! Ha! I am super envious of your luck in getting those VIP cabins!!! My oldest son and I came down in Feb. and having remembered how you had gotten one of those cabins last year, we did ask, but the answer was no. In the end it all worked out as my brothers family were all camping and they put us in a cabin that was very close to his campsite. My son and I had a blast staying in the cabin, just the two of us, so tons of room!!! But, I would have loved to have had a rocking chair like the one y
  6. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that when we went to Disneyland last summer we engaged in a "fleecing scheme"! They were offering priority seating to the new Frozen Broadway type of show, with a "snow cone party" beforehand. It was $50.00 per person and there were four of us, so I actually plunked down $200.00 for it!!! I still can't believe I did it, but we were there in August and pretty much every line at DL is outside in the heat. The thought of lining up like cattle for an hour while baking in the sun was not appealing!! Plus we would need a FP for the show and we also wanted FP's to t
  7. WOW!!! Four rides in Pandora on opening day!!! Impressive!!! Who needs to pay for a VIP tour if you can hang out with TCD!!!! I am super bummed to hear that Disney is going to crack down on the FP loophole. I learned about it on here from you and have become a master with the "loophole" in the last couple years.
  8. OMG, I haven't been on here for months and months, and I visit today and not only do I find a TCD trip report, but I am posting on the first page!!! WooHoo!!!! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!!
  9. Thanks! Yes, 5 years is a great milestone!! We do have our room booked at the Park Vue!! It will be our third stay there. Last month I was actually considering canceling the Park Vue and staying at Disney's Paradise Pier, so that we could have the Magic Morning everyday. It would have cost about $800 more, which I was ok with, but once I mentioned it to the boys and told them we would get Magic Mornings everyday, BUT there would be no free continental breakfast and a MUCH longer walk between the hotel and park, they said to forget it!!! So the Park Vue won out over a Disney Resort! Now, i
  10. Thanks Andrew! We are all good! Celebrating my 5-year anniversary of being diagnosed with cancer today, which means that next month it will be 5-years since my boys and I spotted you and the twins in line at Toy Story Mania! Time flies!!! Congrats on the 5k!! I used to run in a lot of races, but I know that I couldn't have done one in the heat you described! Sounds like a wonderful cruise and wonderful family time for the 5 of you. next month we are going on another western National Park trip and ending it with 5 days at Disneyland. It will be our 3rd Disneyland trip, but our la
  11. OMG, I think I made it on page 1!!!! That's NEVER happened!!! WOOHOO!!!!
  12. As usual a wonderful trip report!! I am very behind on my TCD trip report reading! I intend to catch up! Happy belated Birthday to the twins! That is so special that they wanted to celebrate at the fort and Hoop De Doo!! True Disney girls!!
  13. Andrew, I am not all caught up yet, but have a few comments! That was a beautiful sunset and great photos from the top of the Contemporary. Is that splash area new at the All Star Movies? I don't remember it. I know years ago, there was a splash area at the "Winners Circle" in the Love Bug section. You did have photos of the winners circle, was the splash area still there? Glad they let you park at the Contemporary. Have you been turned away there in the past? Three years ago (during the trip I met you at Toy Story Mania)on our trip that I was recovering from my second cancer surgery, I ha
  14. I got the PM. As soon as I can figure out how to pack the candy cane, it will be on the way! I'm sorry about all that you went through during your January trip. That stinks! Don't worry about any special packing! It will taste just as good if it is broken in pieces!! Thanks again!
  15. Wow, page 2 for me! That's a record for sure!! I have never eaten at the Plaza Restaurant. I think that the next trip, we'll have to try it! Having two boys in college, I am shocked by the number of cancelations that one of them has!! Really has....not allegedly!!! My older one never has anything canceled. They both go to state universities but the one my younger one goes to is MUCH smaller, not sure if that has something to do with it or not. The luck you had getting the bus to the MK, is typical of our luck with Disney buses!! Heidi
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