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  1. Thanks good to know the one I am looking at is about 33'
  2. looking at a new camper the cherokee 274 vfk. i had a few questions. does any one have one ? how do you like it ? my other question is about ac do you have the standard 13.5 k or have upgrade to the 15 k or two 13.5 k ? any other info would be helpful. last trip to the fort we were looking at other campers and the v nose campers looked interesting so we looked at them and like the floor plan with the kitchen in the v thanks kevin 😃
  3. I would also like the information so that we could get a sign thanks
  4. Our kids and grandchildren came 2 days early they're staying at the poly today we were at MK had fun on the haunted mansion my 5 year old grandson wants to keep riding it this is his favorite ride so far
  5. Looks like they are going to put rocks along the fence they have been unloading bags of rocks all day
  6. Lunch was good at kona had the turkey sandwich and potsticker then went to AK had a late supper at yak &yeti finished in time to see the new night show it was OK liked the fire dancers. Today went to ds had lunch at raglan road had the shepherd pie was good after that went to epcot had a great night
  7. Today hanging out at camper trying to decide what to do so far just relaxing might go to hs later maybe lunch at kona
  8. This time it was 1388.6 but most time it's a lot less we were so close we just went
  9. just got our mugs today they had both but not to meany with handles
  10. thanks every one just got back from Mk had a good night there started the day with breakfast at trail's end after that did some looping with the cart soo good to be back to the fort
  11. Made it to the fort one day early. Had traffic in CT and NY tranche rain in NJ intercooler hose let go in SC stuck in traffic on 95 in FL but we are here in 550 will updated soon
  12. That picture makes me miss the fort hopefully soon I can take the grandchildren
  13. The fort looks nice in the morning wish I could be there now
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