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  1. Thank yiu so much for all your help! So your fiends that are linked to your magic experience are able to scan their bands for photos and you are able to download them for free without scanning your band for the photo?
  2. I am thinking about getting the gold annual pass instead of the silver just because of the photo pass included in it but I have a few questions about it that maybe someone here can help me with. Will the photo pass work every time I go to the parks the whole time my annual pass is active for the year? Will I get the ride photos on the rides that have them? Will my friends and family I am linked with on my disney experience also be able to use my photo pass from my gold annual pass? Will I be able to download their photos as well? Does it work the same way the photo pass you would buy separately does or am I limited on hiw many photos I can have or do I have to pay to download photos? Thank you for all your help!
  3. Thanks so much that helps a lot. If I book my 1st 3 fast passes at magic kingdom after I use them can I go to epcot and get a fast pass for a ride there at the kiosk or would I only be able to do magic kingdom fast passes?
  4. I know this has been answered before but I cant find it. After I use my 1st 3 fastpass selections can I book 3 more for a DIFFRENT park for the same day? After I use the 1st 3 can I book 3 more or only 1? How many Fastpasses are you allowed to have in 1 day? After using your 1st 3 fastpasses can I book the new ones on my Disney experience or do I need to go to a kiosk to do it? Sorry I use to be all up on this but its been a year since I have been to Disney now. Thanks!
  5. Hi all, My in laws just bought a used 27 foot travel trailer and we had our 1st heavy rain fall since they got it home yesterday . My husband and I went into the camper to check for any leaks. While checking we found that there was a pretty decent leak with water coming in the side window of the slide out. (as if someone was pouring a cup of water down it). We moved the couch so that it wouldn't get wet and we found the floor was separating from the side wall of the slide out and we lifted the carpet and you could see where the wood of the floor had also been wet. We also believe the leak has started from the roof of the slide out. We are now trying to find the best place to have this replaced. My husband brother in law and father in law would normally do it themselves with something like this but there is just no time as we have a family trip scheduled to go to fort wilderness at the end of OCT. We are located in broward county FL and my father in law would like to have the repairs done close by. Does anyone know anywhere we could take it to have the repairs done in or near broward county FL? TIA
  6. Thanks so much. Yes I'm sure it won't include the campsites that is so rare. We are going with my husbands side of his family. there will be 10 of us. We have 1 premium site for Oct. 21st to the 28th already. but my husband and I decided that we will try and get either a 2nd premium site for either the 22nd to the 26th or the 23rd to the 26th for while we and my brother and sister in law. or just get a room at port Orleans riverside.
  7. We will be going to Disney Oct. 22nd till 26th. Will there be a late fall FL resident Room only discount coming up in the near future? I cant remember if there usually is or not.
  8. Thanks! We are planning a last min. Trip in march. Thinking about nor doing any parks this time though
  9. How much is it to rent the pontoon boats at Fort wilderness now? All the prices I can find are old.
  10. If I order my FL resident seasonal pass now online. but not use them until we are back at Disney in either Sept. or November. Will they not activate for my year until we use them the 1st time or will they start counting down now? I'd rather get them now and save the money if possible.
  11. Yes we are headed to the fort on Friday! So excited we haven't been there since June and we are usually there in October but this year we were to busy with our wedding. How wet were the loops when you left? We are hoping to be in 1600.
  12. Ok cool so all we have to do is wear our magic bands and our ride pictures will automatically be added to it? or do we need to go to the photo counter after the ride to have it added? and then the photographers just scan our bands after they take our photo in other places besides the rides? Sorry for all the questions its just my 1st time using this.
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