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California here we come!

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I forgot to mention that we also did the walk thru castle tour. It was fun to walk in.

  Today we are going back to California Adventure. We got a earlier start today and before we new it we are in. My son rode  guardians of the galaxy ride there was a 10 min wait.We went for a fast pass for Radiator Springs car ride. From last time we new to go to Bugs Land. No fast pass here today they are at the ride. Ok head over there return time 10:40. The park seems less busy today. Meet up with my son he liked the ride even though we have never seen the movie. We take some time to look around the cars area and take some pictures. My husband is a big car guy so he really loved everything here. We then head over to Pixar Pier and went on toy story. My son wanted to go on Pal-Around-Swinging wheel. My husband and I said no way knock your self out. We went and did the bakery tour and got our free sample. Got back just has he was getting on. He got off and we new we made the right choice in not riding he said he felt sick. He went on the swinging cars don't know if he would of been better on none swinging? Went back and rode Radiator Springs Racers. It was just as fun as the night before we lost both races though. We then headed over to Soarin the line was 90 min so we grabbed fast passes. My son was tired and went back to the camper to rest. My husband and I stayed. We went back on Monster inc 20 min wait. We then did Turtle talk with crush loved the fact that you sit in a seat and not on a bench. We went and did the drawing class and did Nemo. We really miss this at MGM so, it was good to do it again. We got Starbucks and took a ride on the Trolley. We watched the Newsies show it was a cute little show. We went in a few shops and bought some shirts for us. By now are fast pass time was almost up for Soarin called my son he was heading in. My husband did not ride this so, my son and I went in line. It took us about 30 min to ride. We then left and headed back to Disneyland we grabbed some fast pass for Big Thunder for that night. We went on Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones my husband did not like how bumpy it was. We did like the ride though. We walked thru the castle and did the tour. We then headed out. My son wanted a shirt at Curl in Downtown Disney so, we stopped and got that.

  We went back to the RV park and got our van. We went back to Pizza Press and got Pizza for lunch tomorrow has we would be heading out and no time to stop. Next we went to Inn and Out Burger for dinner we took it back to the camper. The food was not bad and the service was great very friendly. Now it was getting late and we had fast passes coming due we headed out.

  I really wanted to see Paint the Night parade but, did not think we would find a spot if we used our fast passes. My son does not like Parades so he wanted to go on Big Thunder.

My husband decided to ride with my son. We went our separate ways. I new I wanted to be where the parade started so I could get out and meet the boys sooner. It was really getting crowded I was getting worried I would not get a good spot. I was wrong I found a great spot right next to two nice families with a railing to lean up on and, front row. This was at about half hour before the parade. The boys texted me while I was waiting that they rode the ride and where heading over to rides Pirates again. This seemed to be my sons favorite ride. He likes it at Disney World but not like this. I took a ton of pictures and video's of the parade so my husband good see it. I was glad I made the choice to go see it alone it was a really awesome parade.As soon has it was ending I started to leave. It was a little easier to maneuver the crowd when your on your own. I headed out and went back to Disneyland.

 The boys where heading over to Space Mountain but, with the crowd for fireworks was taking a while. I went in to the building with Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. They have some Disney memorabilia in here. I was looking around when I heard the fireworks show A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular start. I headed out and watched it not the best spot but good enough for me.  Got a text the boys where waiting for me at Space Mountain. It was harder to get there than to get out after the parade. The poor workers trying to keep traffic flowing heard one say this is turning into a bottle neck. Again as I was alone I got thru and saw my husband waiting at the entrance to the building he was not riding. It was going to be just  the two of us. As we waited in line I thought how lucky I was to be able to take this trip with my family. trips . My son was waiting for me at the back of the line I called him to get in line as I was walking up the ramp. 45 min wait ended up being a hour. It is weird to be waiting outside for this ride as it was for the other rides also. After this we went back on the Auto Utopia I told you my husband was a car guy and my son a little too. The ride here is longer and more to look it. Was getting late we wanted to ride the train before we left. We waited about 5 min for a train. We got on and was told this train was not making a round trip we would have to get off at Main Street or Toontown. We stayed on and got off in Toowntown. We waited about 10 min for another train we wanted to ride it all the way around. We stayed on till Main street so part of it we saw twice. That was ok we did not want to walk back. This has always is a sad moment when you realize you will not be back tomorrow. I was feeling sentimental knowing that my son is getting older and trips with the three of us might not be to many more. If you have older children you know what I mean. We took some pictures on the way out and made our way back to the RV park. Our last night in California the time went by so fast.

Up next will the lights work?

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