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Hi Diz people  We are going for Halloween. We are going all out with decorations, goody bags, everything. We haven’t been for Halloween before. Any suggestions? I  understand the cabins don’t get the most traffic so I was thinking the most visible location and close to the heavy traffic. Any help will be super helpful 

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2020, you were not "allowed" to hand out anything to trick or treaters.

That being said, plenty or sites had tables set up with an assortment of goodies that people could help themselves.

CMs were patrolling and discouraging anyone from actually handing out treats.

Who knows what 2021 will bring.

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34 minutes ago, Cinderella ella ella eh eh said:

 we have a few ideas for treat diapering from a distance. Clothes line. Chute. Sling shot/ toss. Any advice on location 

We will definitely need pics/videos of whatever you come up with.  🙂

5 minutes ago, Travisma said:

The cabins will get some visitors, but not like the big loops down around the meadow area.

Even with camping loops, the further away you are from the action, the less traffic they get.  With the cabin loops being even further away, I'd have to think the same holds true. 

I don't have my map handy, but maybe shoot for the newest cabin loop and as close to the entrance of the loop as possible?  

If you decorate well to attract attention, you should get at least a little bit of traffic.

Of course all pending what Halloween 2021 brings of course.

Oh and welcome to Fort Fiends!!

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 2201 would be the cabin that is closest to the action.  If they allow T & T this year I would find another FIEND who is at the FORT and go to their site to hand out your goodies, that has been done by many of us in the past.  There have been as many as 4 or 5 gathered at one site and it makes for a fun evening.

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