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A fire started yesterday from a lightening strike beyond the Creekside Meadow area. Reedy FD responded and the fire was put out...or so they thought. Late this morning the winds started kicking up and by early afternoon there was a definite smokey smell and haze in the air. We were out taking pictures in the 2000 loop and ash was coming down on us. The Disney popo road blocked off at the 2000 loop. Not even buses are being allowed to go down the road. About an hour later they blocked the road to the 2000 area at the main intersection of Ft Wilderness Trail and Big Pine Drive. We saw most of the Reedy FD rolling down the road towards the Creekside Meadows area. There are now helicopters in the air and Disney is telling guests there is no need for evacuation that the fire is under control. More later....

Uploading pictures of the smokey areas now...will post shortly.


See the whole discussion thread including more pictures of the smoky haze over the Fort at the original thread here. Thanks to Tri-B for her crack reporting!

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