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  1. Just wondered how you were? I was rode2nowhere...

  2. I live in central IL and have friends who have a house in Cape Coral. Her hubby is thinking of heading down 1st thing tomorrow morning to hurricane proof their house. His wife and I think he's totally nuts. We live through tornadoes and he thinks it won't be any worse than that. Will he even be able to make is there?
  3. Coming from Central Il we take 55 to 4 to 64 to 57 to 24 to 75. Definitely get past Atlanta before stopping. We usually hit it at night and go through downtown. The bypass is just as busy and about 45 minutes longer. We have a motorhome so we usually use truck stops or rest areas to sleep. And yes the police are always horrible in Atlanta.
  4. Best: The family camping together and relaxing. Worst: The 19 hour drive home and price.
  5. A colleague of mine returned to work today from running the Disney marathon for the first time. She was so impressed by how organized everything was and the amount of people participating. When I told her that I knew of somone running with a bike she asked me to pass this on to you. When she was hot and tired and wondering how she would finish, she would see one of you guys on the bikes and you would give her the inspiration to push through it. You guys were going through alot more than she was and still participating. When I told her you were a disabled vet she wanted me to thank for you
  6. We really liked 1439, to the left of the comfort station when you're standing in front of it. Go out the back of the site and you're right there. We couldn't hear the movie while in the camper. Nice large site.
  7. We stay overnight in truck stops and rest areas in our MH, but we also don't leave home without our 2 friends Smith and Wesson.
  8. We stay overnight in truck stops and rest areas in our MH, but we also don't leave home without our 2 friends Smith and Wesson.
  9. Mickey bars at the trading post a must! Expensive but oh so good!
  10. We bought 10 day park hopper tickets about 5 years ago with the waterparks and more and non expiring options. We still have 3 days left on each of our tickets. When we go to the Fort we usually spend 10 days and only 2 days at the parks. Park hopping is a nice option. It was a ton of money up front, but the way the prices have increased well worth it. Our granddaughter is now 13, (first trip when she was 1) and now prefers more Fort time. After a few trips (trust me this will not be your only trip) you will have your favorite things to do and being able to park hop gives you that freedom
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