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  1. My wife had acute pancreatitis after a botched gallbladder surgery, and now occasionally has recurrences. When it flares up she has pain in her upper abdomen (sometimes pretty severe), and usually a fever. We've narrowed down a few foods that tend to cause problems - really greasy foods mainly - and cut out alcohol entirely. Not really sure the food issues are related to the pancreas or the gall bladder. Really hope you find some relief for your husband.
  2. I see your point, but the hottest, most crowded day at Disney is WAY better than being here at work, so I stand by my statement...
  3. I love the F&W extended dates. Fall is about the only time we can go, & the extended dates make it way easier to plan. We LOVE Food and Wine. (not to mention the Food and Wine Festival... )
  4. Being away from the action is the kind of thing I wonder about. I really don't want the grand kids missing out on anything the fort has to offer. Me driving and her flying is something we thought about, but we kinda feel like getting there is part of the fun & like to travel together. It would let me take our golf cart though... Thanks for the input, guys. Gives me more food for thought.
  5. Just wondered if anyone had any input on the differences (besides the obvious) between staying in a cabin vs a camper. I know all the amenities are available to everyone, but are there any advantages or disadvantages to the cabins? Do they feel isolated from the rest of the fort? My wife's not able to ride in a car for more than about 45 minutes to an hour at at time, and not much more than 3-4 hours a day even with breaks. That makes pulling the camper the 1400 or so miles to Disney something of an arduous task, so I'm looking at options. I know there are services that rent campers, so I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons of each. We're just kind of in the "dreaming about planning" stage of our next trip, but we have 4 grand kids that will "need" a trip or three to Disney soon and I'm pretty sure they would love the fort.
  6. Not to hijack this thread, but does Disney limit you to electric carts, or can you use a gas powered cart? We have a gas cart & it would sure make life easier if we can take it...
  7. I'll get my ducks in a row payment wise & put it up over there. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. We ate at Trail's End a couple of years ago and since then I've been hounding my wife to go back and stay at the Fort (I really want to stay there - in a cabin, rent a camper, under a tarp in the back of my truck - I'm not picky.) I think I'll make my wife one of these to remind her so I don't have to bug her so much... (I made this one as a gift for a friend.) If anyone is seriously interested in one of these, send me a private message & we'll figure something out. I don't know what the board's rules are about sales but I don't want to spam it. If I'm overstepping my bounds please let me know or just take this down. I like it here too much to get off on the wrong foot.
  9. Thanks everyone - I was hoping that was the case. I'll let my family know. (I hope they'll fall in love with the Fort like I did. I really want to stay there next time...)
  10. My SIL and niece are visiting in late September (without my wife and I this time, *snif, snif*) and are looking for things to do with my 4 year old great niece. We've read about the BBQ, but we can't really tell by the description what the target age group is. Any thoughts? Is it something a rambunctious 4 year old would enjoy, or is it geared towards a little older bunch?
  11. So I've been playing with my carving and finishing techniques, and I'm pretty happy with the results. So of course I had to make something Disney related...
  12. WOW! Never looked at the price - I had it pegged at 6-700 like the Vectric stuff. Pretty sure that's not going to happen... My router's a DIY that I built out of birch plywood and angle iron. No real plans - just looked at what others had done and kinda figured it out as I went along. Cutting area is 24 x 48. I'm using a Gecko G540 with 280 in. oz. nema 23 motors and an old PC running LinuxCNC. Accuracy is shockingly good (shocks me, anyway) for how it's built, but there's quite a bit of room for improvement. Planning a build using 8020 extrusion when time and money allow.
  13. Thanks Tim! I appreciate the info. I meant nc as a generic term - didn't think about there being a .nc filetype... I've been using free stuff like Inkscape, MakerCam and F-Engrave and have had good results, but they're kind of limited in their capabilities. I see ArtCam offers a trial download - I'll give it a try. Again, nice work!
  14. Those look awesome - beautiful work! If you don't mind my asking, what software are you using to create the nc files for these?
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