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  1. The fence is down today, and they’re working in the area. I’d think it should be open shortly.
  2. Construction fence is down today. They’re still working on it but I’d assume it’s opening soon.
  3. We were in the North lot this year. We had booked a general RV site but they called us a few months before and told us they were "testing" a new VIP area and would upgrade us for free if we wanted. It was super close and you could walk right onto the field. We were maybe 100 foot from the gates. One day the winds were off and they were actually landing balloons next to our RV in the campground. We asked what they would be charging for it next year when it went mainstream and they said $100, so they knew then what it would be. Does not make it any better for you, but it does sound like someone put the wrong price in the system.
  4. We’ve been here at the Fort for a week and I’ve noticed that my band would not open the back gate(the one that is hefty to the one you exit through) I haven’t really had a chance to ask anyone until today and sure enough the security guard at the front said they made the back gate buses only recently. It’s a shame, I always found it much easier than trying to fit around all the people waiting to check in or arriving for Hoop. Anyone hear anything about this?
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