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  1. Seems a little pricey. We did the refillable mug on one trip and I think it was $12 plus tax. If you stay for 5 days I don't think I can drink enough to pay for the cup. I'll keep my old ones. We use them for coffee each morning (our own coffee).
  2. We always do on-line check in. Does it make a difference? I don't know but we have never been longer than about 10 minutes checking in.
  3. We just missed our on our April trip. We head back in July so I hope we can try this. If not then in November. We have annual passes so I'm looking forward to the new Fastpass system.
  4. I like the idea of having an additional tag that has you location on it. Great idea since 90% of our camping is at FW.
  5. When we were at FW last week we were riding our bikes one night to the fireworks and trotting along the other side of the road was what looked like a very lost and scared Saint Bernard. He wouldn’t come to the many who tried calling him, but he finally did lay down along the road where the people usually block traffic for the fireworks. He was surrounded by a couple people and Disney employees so I’m assuming he was in good hands. How he got out and where he came from I don’t know. I did a check of people there for the fireworks to see if any of them were traveling with that type of dog and no one was. His owners could have been anywhere. Make sure your RV, TT and camper doors are firmly shut and locked and no windows are open for little (or big) faces to push open enough to escape. Please don’t tether your dogs outside or put them in x-pens outside if you are not there to watch them. I’m hoping he found his way home safe and sound. Rick and I were talking that when you check in it might be a good idea if they requested the name and description of your pets just in case. However, the most important thing is always have tags on them when traveling and make sure those tags have your cell phone number included. Many people have a home phone, but hey! you’re not at home.
  6. I wish I could have grabbed my camera quicker, but we were there last week and coming back from one of the parks (driving our car) and going the opposite on the road way was a flatbed trailer with a small travel trailer on it. It took me a second to realize what it was. At first I thought it was a display trailer because you could see the entire kitchen inside. I soon realized that it was probably that trailer and it was being moved. The slide was completely off and laying separate on the flat bed and the area where it would have been was completely exposed and the top had a huge dent the size of a good sized tree branch. This was probably on Wednesday or Thursday last week.
  7. He takes an average of 4,000 pictures on a weeks trip. Oh, for the days of film cameras where you had to limit your pictures.
  8. Went to the Tampa RV show two weeks ago and saw a couple towables that had wheel chair lifts built into the side and showers that were wheel chair ready. I also don't know why it has take so long for this to come about. It opens camping up to so many more people.
  9. Just found this thread and I'm very interested in dog nutrition. While I don't feed "raw" I do feed a freeze dried "raw" called Grandma Lucy's to Tayla, our 14 month old Golden. I have also been dehydrating raw chicken, beef liver, hearts and kiidneys as well as sweet potatoes and hot dogs for both of them. They get a little of the raw meet as I'm chopping it up for dehydration and they love it. Dehydrated it lasts for about 10 days and I use it not only for training (hot dogs), but as really good girl treats. Tayla and sometimes Jesse also get a raw knuckle bone just about every night to chew on for 30 to 40 minutes.
  10. You could say that it's a big draw. We have some incredible pictures, but it's slow moving because every few feet we stop to take a picture of something and there may be multiple angles to shoot from, day and night. Nice memories, but it takes us about 2 days to cover everything. At least this year I will have a wonderful beverage to enjoy while I'm waiting.
  11. I may just spend my entire time in this area. What could be better in life than a Dole Whip with Spiced Rum at Epcot. Life doesn't get any better.
  12. Our first trip was in November of 2007. We purchased our RV in September and it was, unfortunately, our first trip after our shakedown cruise which was to a very local campground for the weekend just to check stuff out. I say unfortunately because being that our first actual trip was to FW, everything else is measured by the Fort and comes up lacking.
  13. I'll give you a 50/50 something, no kids, first timers view when we get back from it on October 12th. As I'm not overly interested in the character lines I'm hoping for smooth sailing to the rides and entertainment and of course the candy. Rick is using it as a photo op and me, I'm just glad to be back inside MK and for one of my favorite holidays.
  14. I too, understand completely. A couple years ago we spent 9 days at FW and Disney. Our longest vacation to date. It rained 8 of the 9 days and those 8 days it rained about 80% of the time. Worst flooding I've ever seen there. You just have to make the best of a bad situation. Go into rides/stores when it rains, take rain gear and have the best time you can. We even went swimming in the rain (no thunder/lightening). You can only get so wet.
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