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This makes me depressed - every time we went to Epcot we ate at either Spice Table or the Tangerine - and every year I brought home their spice mixtures to give a gifts and for myself.  I do hope Disney doesn't change everything but in keeping with everything else they have done they probably will.



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I'd read that Disney had filed liens back in September against money owed.  Just read this...


BREAKING: Disney Officially Taking Ownership of All Morocco Pavilion Businesses at EPCOT

The Morocco Pavilion at EPCOT has made a number of headlines in the aftermath of COVID-19, as few pavilions have been so publicly affected by the pandemic’s devastating impact. After a number of internal issues, Walt Disney World will officially be assuming operations of all Morocco Pavilion businesses at EPCOT, including all food & beverage and merchandise locations.

Back in April, Marrakesh Moroccan Restaurant, LLC. filed for a PPP loan of $1-2 million in order to retain 260 jobs through the funds acquired. In September, Walt Disney World filed a UCC Financing Statement, or a type of lien with the state, claiming collateral against “All goods, inventory, the Furnishings, and all other items of personal property belonging to Debtor which are or may be put into the Facilities and all proceeds of the foregoing.” Now, it seems the company is moving forward with a mutual agreement to transition operations to Disney, with a goal of assuming all operations by the end of the year. The pavilion sent out termination notices to its Cast Members through an internal memo late last month, as we learned through sources.


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