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  1. Where in the World??

    I'd guess either in the Wonders of Life pavilion, or back by the Imagination restrooms.
  2. Fort camping in June?

    I will defer to the Central Florida Fiends on this one, but isn't the daily afternoon thunderstorm a factor that time of year as well?
  3. Thoughts from the 2100 Loop

    Thanks! I'll definitely consider staying there (Lake Monroe) next trip. It would be nice just to have water, as our party smells pretty bad by check-in time at the Fort. TMI, I know. Do you think the shorter sites are too short for your Coachmen? I could pretty much fit my 29' Passport anywhere your big camper could go. I was thinking of requesting 2112, but that's probably more so because I am a fan of Rush. ? But I do like being close to the CS, especially traveling with 6-8 people. I'm probably going to try to get a cart for that trip, so 2100 might work out. I appreciate the info.
  4. Thoughts from the 2100 Loop

    Thanks for sharing. I have a few questions for you... 1. Do you know if the Lake Monroe campground accommodates late arrivals? On our schedule, we wouldn't generally be reaching the Volusia/Seminole County line until around 01:00. My understanding is that they lock the gate at sundown, but give the gate code to the campers. Do they, perhaps, do this for campers who have yet to arrive? 2. What site were you in (at FW 2100) and did you like it? 3. Did you see a site you might like other than the one you stayed in? 4. Is there anything you didn't like about 2100? Sorry for the pop quiz, but I appreciate your feedback.
  5. Where in the World??

    LightCube does not disappoint. One interesting thing about those photos is that the area behind there is full of people milling about the restroom entrance/frantically searching for the stroller that they could have sworn they parked there (Stroller Patrol moved it over to the Carousel just because they are programmed to be evil). Yet they are totally or mostly absent in any LightCube photos I have seen. I know it's night, but it's also a busy area.
  6. Where in the World??

    You could get your picture taken there holding LightCube... That is, the Photopass location is occasionally there at night offering guests the opportunity for a photo while holding one of the floating lanterns from the film. It's actually a translucent cube containing an LED...hence my more accurately descriptive designation. Last trip, Mrs. Montezuma wanted to get a picture with her and me holding LightCube. About 15 minutes of enduring my incessant commentary on the matter later, it was our turn. Actually, it was a pretty nice photo. However, if you are passing through that area at night with someone who occasionally values theme photos over ride time, beware of LightCube.
  7. Wilderness Homes - History

    Do you remember if it was back in the area of the current cabins, or in one of the camper loops? Our first stay in the Fleetwood Pass area was March, 1986. We were at the Fort the previous spring, but I don't recall staying in a Wilderness Home. I'm pretty certain that the Fleetwood Pass area was not there, or at least not accessible to guests. My mom, however, recalls staying in a Wilderness Home, or at least some camper with a Murphy bed, as early as 1984. If I can find the 1986 vacation video, I will check to see if there is any evidence of us being wowed by the new accommodations.
  8. Hotels near Port Canaveral?

    We are in the same boat (perhaps quite literally), and we booked the Hampton in Cocoa Beach for our upcoming trip in June. I can't provide a recommendation at this time, as I haven't stayed there yet. However, if your cruise is after mine, I can let you know my thoughts. That being said, in my travels I have found that Hampton Inns are pretty much consistent and of very good quality. This place also has a shuttle if you need one, but it is no cheaper for us than just parking in the DCL garage. Plus, our cars will be right at the terminal, parked in the shade, when we alight.
  9. 2100 Loop: Opinions

    Thanks, everyone, for the insight. Extra thanks to TCD for the distance calculations. It's interesting that the Wilderness pool is almost the same distance from 2100 as the Meadow pool. Staying in 900 and 1600, I have been a bit dismayed by the crowds at the Meadow hot tub. The lifeguard there told me the Wilderness would be a better bet. So I thought 2100 was just a short walk away. It's actually not a very long walk, just seems further than I thought. As for reason #2, I agree that you can't beat the Yellow bus. Not only because it runs express to the cloverleaf, but also because it becomes the Lodge bus at Settlement Depot. That's really handy not only to get to/from MK, but also any parks that share bus routes with the Lodge. I just figured the Purple/Orange combo might run more frequently enough to offset the additional Peacock Pass stops. I would have to say that my reason #3 is probably the main driving force behind my consideration of 2100. As of early 2017, I've stayed in 13 different loops, so 2100 would get me to half and half on my loop bagging. However, one could see my conflict with passing on 1600 for a trip. It is, perhaps, my favorite loop in the park. So why mess with the formula? All in all, though, it may be what TCD said about the trees that would most likely dissuade me from choosing 2100. I did walk through there at night and had a pretty clear view of the roadway from in the loop and of the campers from the roadway. One of the things I like the most about the Fort is the relative isolation it offers (900 was a great loop for this), mainly because of the trees. I'm not sure if the openness of 2100 would diminish that effect considerably. We will see in the Fall, I suppose...
  10. 2100 Loop: Opinions

    29' tt. Not terribly long or difficult to maneuver.
  11. 2100 Loop: Opinions

    I am looking for opinions on the 2100 loop, generally on whether you would recommend staying there or not, along with specifics that led to those opinions. For background, I have a reservation for a Full site in the Fall, and I have stayed at all of the Full loops except 2100. I was thinking of giving it a try, as I passed on it last year shortly after the conversion. Reasons I want to consider 2100: 1) walking distance to the Wilderness pool/hot tub 2) served by both the Purple and Orange lines, so easier to get to/from the Outpost depot 3) try out a new loop My go-to Full loop is 1600, so does anyone think there would be any major reason I should avoid 2100 and go for that instead? Your thoughts are much appreciated.
  12. Wilderness Homes - History

    Yea verily. In the eighties, we would have one family of six in each home. By 2003, last time I stayed in the cabins, we had to split it between six adults.
  13. Wilderness Homes - History

    I never got to see the four sleepers. The six sleepers had a back bedroom with a queen and twin bunks, and a kitchen/living room with a Murphy bed. I would guess that the four sleepers just had the back bedroom and perhaps a smaller living room that couldn't fit the Murphy bed.
  14. Wilderness Homes - History

    Thanks for sharing those maps. They are a great snapshot of the history of the place. It's also fun to follow loop 500's identity crisis. I wonder if Big Bear/Little Bear was still numbered 1400 even though it opened before the 1100-1300 loops. My dad says they stayed in 800 in 1972. They might have had it open by then, or he might be confusing it with another vacation. My family did stay at the Fort most years between 1972 and 1991.
  15. A TCD Easter at The Fort Trip Report

    Enjoying the read and pictures. Thanks for sharing. BTW we were neighbors over the holiday...I was in 926.