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  1. You guys are cracking me up. And after a very long night with a very sad, teething baby...this is a most enjoyable experience. Looking forward to more and perhaps one day playing with all of you wonderful, wild women.
  2. I can confirm what Lou says. As a former CM I checked it out once....bought a nice Mickey beach towel that lasted for 12 years and had to be retired recently. Mostly clothes, towels, it's essentially property control sales from what I remember...again it was 12 years ago that I was working there.
  3. TCD sent me your way after I finished his Dream TR. Another fantastic one right here. Your daughters are all beautiful. Looking forward to more TR's and completely our own in just a few weeks.
  4. I "Googled" Disney Dream Trip Reports. I'd already read a lot that had come up but yours was a few pages in (I think). I will go read the other one today. Thank you!
  5. I'm very late to this Dream-y party but I am headed on a Dream cruise with my 8 month old and gramma (girl's only trip) in just 17 days and have been searching everywhere for Trip Reports. This has, without a doubt, been one of the best I have ever read. What a fabulous trip. I also forwarded the site on to gramma as she and grammpa have a 5th wheel and like to travel around the country with frequent stops at WDW. They have yet to stay at the campgrounds but they want to try it sometime soon. I'm hoping that she'll check out the site and start making some future camping plans. Again,
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