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Anyone at the Fort who can give a bug update

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You might want to PM Dave, "Devores" as he is there all the time.

Ummm, I haven't been to the Fort in a fortnight.....haha, see what I did there?



But seriously, I cannot comment on the subject as I am no longer there. Wish I could help. The place we are staying there are no bugs, so the Fort should be the same.

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He needs to get his eyes checked....


Just did, trifocals baby. I don't mess around with bifocals.


Either he hasn't been around the Fort much, or he missed the fact that that huge fiver is missing from site 417.


What, you think I drive through all the loops looking for Fiends? Actually I do, but not through the 400 lately.

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We didn't have an issue with bugs last week EXCEPT the first night when my son tried to sleep in his hammock he came in the camper at 4 am because he was being bitten by mosquitos. He had bites all over his face and neck. It was by that smelly canal? in the 2000 loop though.

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