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  1. Well, I gave in..

    Well, I figure my cart weighs about 950# so my 800-1200 bars will do fine and I feel no difference in the truck. I tow it with a regular hitch when there is nothing on the deck with no sway and you don’t even know it’s there. It fits us fine and you must know that no two women are the same....lol. I wish I could afford a $60K momentum and probably the $80k truck to pull it, but the same family memories can be made in a tent and hopefully I can retire at the right age 😊
  2. Well, I gave in..

    I’m still a Toyota guy. No need for a diesel with this little one
  3. Well, I gave in..

    Awesome. My spoiled son has a raptor 90 atv and a TTR50
  4. Well, I gave in..

    That’s my plan. My son and I ride ATVs in the Ocala national Forrest so this will work great. Bigger is not always better 😊
  5. Well, I gave in..

    Not sure but I bought a 1200# WD hitch to be safe
  6. Well, I gave in..

    It’s actually a lot of bang for the buck. It has a full shower and bath, but a tiny toilet and only a 9 gal black tank. We turned the dinette into a permanent full bed. It has a 1/2 size fridge, a gas only (☹️) 6 gal hot water heater, a 2 burner stove and microwave. We added a bumper mount gas grill and a cargo trailer tongue storage box. The deck is stated for 1000 pounds. Lot of tounge weight with GC but bought a WD hutch for when we haul th GC. If not for that, it’s an easy bumper pull with no sway for 3000#
  7. Well, I gave in..

    The front deck is tiny. I actually had to modify it by adding longer planks to accommodate the GC. The unit is only 7ft wide vs the normal 8 of most trailers
  8. Well, I gave in..

    There is no front bed. Wish there was.
  9. Well, I gave in..

    Believe me, I will still complain about the rates and the shenanigans upper management pulls here and at the parks, but if the kids enjoy it for now, that’s all that matters
  10. It’s been 6 months without an RV and a year since we camped at the fort. I broke down for Christmas and bought the family the Florida resident gold passes in hopes we would do some quick weekends at a value resort. After one trip to pop century, everyone missed camping at Disney. So I did what any dad would do that spoils the $:€#% out of their kids.....buy another RV. I went shopping at the beginning of the year and bought the cheapest TT that would haul our golf cart, (never sold it) and accommodate the 4 of us. I would love to post some pics but refuse to pay photobucket just to post photos here. But here is a link to our tiny vacation home on wheels: https://www.rvt.com/Starcraft-Autumn-Ridge-19RT-2018-Marion-NC-ID7598269-UX110733 so, fast forward to last Saturday and here we are at the fort for a few days I opted to buy a carefree of Colorado add a room for our 10ft awning and it was worth every penny it created an awesome small TV room We even survived the heavy rains and winds today without anything ripping or getting damaged we are happy to be back camping at the fort and have enjoyed some of the changes over the past year
  11. On good note, 3 days parking at a deluxe resort equals 1 day golf cart rental...lol. You choose. Drive to Tennessee and make Dollywood you new destination of choice
  12. Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    We bought 24 jars to give out as Christmas gifts last year. They had great deals like buy 12 get 6 free. We looked like a bunch of drunks walking out with 4 cases
  13. Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    I think even though you will find the most hospitable people in TN, they finally realized everyone was getting their fill of free booze and they were giving a ton away.
  14. Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg?

    Sorry for joining in so late. Lot of things going on. As some of you know Gatlinburg/PF is our favorite place. I’m sure I don’t know as much as the locals but I can tell you a lot. If your camping and want to be off the beaten path, I would recommend smoky bear campground. It’s a beautiful place with maybe 30 sites. I believe there are maybe 6 concrete pull through sites and the rest are gravel. They are all full hook up except for a few primitive sites. They have a nice pool and hot tub along with a playground , laundry facilities and super clean restrooms. The only downside is that they are s good 20 minute drive into Gatlinburg and they are not on the trolly route. Up the creek we tried last year and loved it. Small campground with full hook ups and very shaded. It’s only a 5 minute drive to the parkway in PF just past the goats on the roof mountain coaster. The downside is no pool, playground, laundry facilities and no facilities or bath house. I don’t think they allow pop ups and of course you would need facilities in your camper. They are on the trolly route. If your staying at a resort, I have to hands down recommend the Dollywood dreamore resort. This place is great. Great hospitality, great food and restaurants, not too big and great rooms. The plus side staying here is that if you purchase tickets at the resort and staying there, you get the time saver pass (Dollywood fast pass) free of charge. It’s normally $30 each. They also provide transportation to the parks and drop you off at a guest entrance. I wont get into the restaurants in the area since I agree with everyone. I will say that the blue moose, Hana’s kitchen, timber wood grill at the island and smoky mountain brewery are always top on our list. The peddler in Gatlinburg is a very nice upscale restaurant. Besides Dollywood, there is a lot of things to do. I would recommend one of the smoky mountain coasters. They are all fun. Lots of mini golf places. Our favorites are Davey Crockett and hillbilly golf in Gatlinburg. If you haven’t been there. It’s definitely a must do