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  1. Howdy, folks! I'm watching the Orange County task force meeting this morning, at which WDW and SeaWorld will be submitting their proposed opening plans. It's being broadcast on YouTube live. As soon as we get information on when WDW will open, I'll post it here for you. July 11: Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom ONLY. Reservations for park entry will be required in advance. July 15: EPCOT and Studios reopen June 22: Fort Wilderness and DVC resorts re-open
  2. Here's the Fort Wilderness recreation calendar and movie schedule for March!
  3. Here you go! febreccalendar.pdf backoffebreccalendar.pdf
  4. Happy New Year, everyone! Hot off the press, here's the January recreation calendar.
  5. From our friends over at orlandoparksnews.com comes December's Fort Wilderness recreation calendar. Enjoy the Fort!
  6. From a Fiend On The Scene, here's some information on what's planned at the Fort for Fourth of July.
  7. Here's the March 2019 Fort Wilderness recreation calendar.
  8. Here's the Fort Wilderness recreation calendar for February, with movie listings and fun Fort activities. Enjoy!
  9. Good news: it lives! Even better news: now I can start cleaning it up and adding the missing new loop. The work continues!
  10. Still working, folks. Good news: I have a working version under iOS 11.4 and below now uploaded to the App Store. Bad news: I have to update all the screenshots that go into the App Store page and write all the update copy, and then we have to wait on Apple to review the whole business and post it. I have no idea how long that takes these days. Used to be at least a week or so, but that was back in the day, and this is an update and not a brand new app, so things may be different. I'll keep everyone posted.
  11. OK so working on 6-year-old code that Apple's development environment "helpfully" updated to modern times is cool and good and entirely not making my hair turn greyer at a faster rate than my teenager does already. Here's where we're at: The old, busted version of the app that was released lo these many years ago still works great- if you haven't upgraded past iOS version 10 or so. (I think that's right, might be version 8, your experience may vary, consult your dealer for details, for external use only, etc.) But nobody's using that who has anything close to a modern iPhone, so you probably don't even see it in your app store yet. So I have to figure out what is making it not work. Most of that work is so boring that even I don't want to get into it. Just clearing out digital cobwebs, mostly. But the big stopper was that we store the site images on this very site, hidden off in an obscure corner of our web space. And the URL to get to it was a plain old http:// address, just like everything else. Apple had the fabulous idea a couple of iOS versions ago to require any app that makes a call to the web to retrieve something must make it via a secure connection. Since that was failing, no images were coming through, which is a Bad Result. So I had to fix that. I think I have that working now, and I'm about to try switching it on, so we can throw two stones at one bird (to coin a phrase): As a result of all that back-end mucking around, we're going to flip the switch and make fortfiends.net light up your browser as a secure site. This is a Good Thing, because it will help our Google rank, and hey, it's secure. Secure is good, and I have it on good authority that it's at least somewhat better than Not Secure. And if all that works, one of the main barriers to having an app update out that actually works for everyone will be gone. I don't like giving myself deadlines, but I would say that before the week is out, you Apple folks should have a little gift waiting for you. Thank you, once again, for reading all the way through another episode of Chris Talks Way Over Everyone's Head About Web Stuff. I love you.
  12. I'll take the free publicity, honestly. Wouldn't dream of bugging them about using our name like that. I'm happy to see people writing about the Fort thinking enough of us to use us for research! Complaining at them about name-dropping us seems counter-productive on every level I can imagine.
  13. Here's the May recreation calendar for the Fort. Click on it to open, then double-click for a big (readable) version. Enjoy!
  14. No, TCD, it's not. But I don't consider what has been disclosed here about Hilda to be an invasion of privacy the way you appear to. If I did, I'd have to police every time someone posted what site number someone else was staying in, and that's kind of ridiculous. Edit: You know what? None of this is going anywhere. Keeping this discussion going only serves to draw attention to information that none of us, apparently, are interested in drawing attention to.
  15. See, this is an edge case, and edge cases are weird. I would be very upset if any of you posted your home address here. It's definitely a security risk, and one I wouldn't advise that you take. However, people are all the time posting here telling everyone when they're at the fort, or when they've been at the Fort, or how many minutes, seconds, and days it is until they will be at the Fort again. That's not really as much of a risk (although it does give someone an idea of when you won't be home), because the Fort is a very secure, guarded place. The person we're talking about here does not live at the Fort. They are on vacation, in a very real and legally binding sense, and I don't believe someone at the Fort has the same expectation of privacy that they should expect in their own home- this is why we share site numbers, etc. So I don't see pointing out the fact that she can be reliably found in a certain loop (while not giving her site number or a specific description of her rig) as particularly invasive. I don't think anyone in this thread wanted to go stalk anyone, that's for sure. Reasonable people may, of course, disagree; and I don't claim that my opinion is right and those who disagree with me are wrong. But I'm the reasonable person with access to the "delete post" button and It's my call when to use it. Like just now.
  16. We've been watching all day. If you want to get our attention, you can use the report button, it's much better at getting our attention than downvoting people who aren't us. As far as this thread is concerned, I don't see the foul, frankly. Once the phone number was removed, I don't think there's anything wrong here. I don't see any bad intent on the part of the original poster, and I'm on record for quite a long time now as being generally against mods deleting posts. If the OP wants to delete, that's his prerogative.
  17. I was afraid this would happen. I'm going to have to re-code the entire app from basically scratch to update it for the new version of iOS. It's on my radar, but it's a ton of work and our coding team is one guy, so I can't make any promises right now. Basically, I'm going to have to lock myself in a closet for a couple of weekends in a row and hide from Jen until it gets done. Then I get to do the whole thing over again for the Android version.
  18. For all your previous posts, yes, you'd have to edit the link to point to the new location. I am fully aware, again, that this is a tedious and frustrating process that I fully expect nobody will bother to do. Sadly, most of those pictures will simply disappear into the ether.
  19. We have a limited amount of storage here on the site, and most of it is consumed by our database that holds, well, everything that you see here on the site that isn't a picture. If we tried to host all the pictures, the amount our hosting provider would charge for that much storage would be... too much. If you have a paid account with Photobucket already (which I'm guessing you do? I can't tell), then you can still embed images until December 31, 2018. At that point, they're going to try to shove you into their $400 plan. Note also that "linking" and "third-party hosting" are different things. By their definitions, "Linking" to Photobucket means putting a link in your post that doesn't show the picture, but instead opens up a page on Photobucket in a new tab where the picture will appear, for example something like "click here to view the picture". "Third-party hosting" is when you embed the picture itself so that it appears in the body of your post, which is how most of the people who post pictures here from Photobucket do it. That's only allowed in their new $400 plan.
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