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  1. this is DIT on INCs ipad...I still haven’t figured out the login on this thing lol. Your brother must have gotten depressed to see what has become of the media. Old school journalists are rare these days.
  2. This is DIT. Tried posting on the ipad but all it can remember is INC's login....lol. Back to the laptop.
  3. [This is Dave.....I'm on INC's tablet and don't remember my login.] I'm glad you pointed out you were with a large group. 108 beers and a fifth of vodka is a lot even for a Fiend. :rofl3:
  4. Who is this Christy you are referring to....I thought he was married to INC.
  5. Did anyone notice how Stella is holding her dress? Think maybe she has met a princess lately?
  6. Oh Lou, I just love you so, so, very much. :heartsmiley:
  7. Yeah, that restaurant was not great...but I think we were all so excited nobody cared.
  8. Are you kidding me? They are in on every part...and he is teaching them all he knows. Which right now is not that much...... but I'm sure his mischief skills will increase as the years go by. Right?... my love? I love you.
  9. I'm not sure how much I like that you have your arm around that moose.....looking all happy. Are you sure Melvin is a Melvin and not a Martha?
  10. Love the castle pics! I had heard they added some very cool features to castle during the fireworks show.
  11. Oh and I thought I was the only one with this Disorder. So glad to hear I'm not alone or crazy....well maybe not alone at least. We should start a support group.
  12. We didn't roadschool, but we did homeschool for 3 years. I can say it was the best 3 years. It was not always easy, but totally worth it. We were able to take them away from the craziness of life and concentrate on what is most important: God and family. Friends and sports are great, but the bond you will create with your kids is one they will remember always. I also feel that being home gave the kids a very strong sense of self, a confidence to love who they are. This has served them well since re-entering public school. We did take one 3 week trip in our RV. We hit a lot of the locati
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