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  1. Overheard from someone in 2012 in the standby line: "I can believe they paid extra to get in the short line". I didn't tell them.
  2. Wait you were back by 1 and didn't go to the MK? You could have ridden rides with us until 2. :) Of course that explains why we didn't see you during the EMH.
  3. Hey, I am loving my big blue tarp that is over my tent. I am sure the rain fly would have leaked if I didn't have it. :)
  4. I was able to link them online but I am not sure if they were officially linked until we went through the main gate.
  5. Yes that is what we did. You still need your original tickets when you go through the gate the first time and then they will be linked to your magic band.
  6. We are in the 1200 loop. We have the economy accommodations next to the deluxe accommodations (our tent is next to my parents motorhome). Our tent is on the concrete pad. We have a tarp that we put over the rain fly so no leaks but the floor is wet. It has been wet with almost constant rain since Monday night. Been making the best of it, of course rain is supposed to stop and now get chilly.
  7. We are here now in a tent. We have a sleeping bag between us and the air matress, very important because the air mattress will conduct heat or lack there of. Space heater is recommended. We have one and have been here to low 40s, which shockingly it is supposed to do again this trip.
  8. Hey let me tell you this system is awesome, my crystal ball suckered though. Schedule HS for a day with thunderstorms and rain all day. Spent half the day trying to get TSM for six. Oh I found them for two at a time scattered throughout the day. #disneymgmtawesomeness
  9. Kenny the pirate has done something like that. I was reading last night.
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