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  1. We stumbled upon lake Bryan when my husband was looking for a lake to fish. Yes it is for CM’s only. They are allowed to bring family but if the CM leaves the premise their family must leave as well. Very nice place from the little we seen as we turned around after speaking with the guard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Glad they held until you arrived. Ours blew out at the main gate. We limped our way to the Fort with the help of a Disney bus who followed us closely so that we didn’t have to pull over onto the side of the road, which would have been a nightmare if we had to. Love those CM’s! Check to see if they are under warranty. If so they will take the tire itself for evidence and submit the claim to Goodyear. For us it paid off as they reimbursed us for the tires. Enjoy the rest of your stay! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. Call Wingfoot Goodyear. I called them and told them what tires I wanted after our blow out and the tech came right to our site and changed out all four tires for us and made sure our spare was inflated and he remounted it for us under our trailer. We had G614 put on. Great reviews and we haven’t had an issue. Also our tires were under warranty which it sounds like yours might still be. They submitted the warranty claim for us to Goodyear and we not only got the tires reimbursed but the damage to our unit was also reimbursed.
  5. Exactly what we put on her. Did a lot of research and everyone had only good things to say about them on the 5ers. I haven't heard about the 5 years but that doesn't sound unrealistic. We will be keeping a very close eye on them. If the slightest question of a problem, they will be changed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hi All! I just wanted to let everyone know of our recent experience with a company on the service list supplied by the front desk. On our approach to the gates we blew a tire on our 40' 5er. After a not so great experience with a Good Sam provider who changed the tire to our spare, we were able to get the camper into our site. We went to the front desk who gave us there list of service providers. We contacted Wingfoot Truck Service as they come directly to the site. We called for service and they not only gave us advice on what tires would be best on our camper, which were the tires we had wanted, but they gave us a great price. We know this was a great price because we compared prices elsewhere beforehand. They sent an awesome service professional named Jose directly to our camp site to install the tires. Jose in the pouring rain not only changed all four tires, but he also made sure the spare was properly inflated and remounted it up below the camper. He was friendly, courteous, & very professional. He went beyond by educating us on understanding the information on the tires as well as gave us a new inflation gage to check our tire pressure & showed us how to use it on our dually truck tires since the inner tires are a little difficult to reach. Jose took our blown out tire back to there shop and the warranty manager will submit the warranty claim for the tire as well as the damage done to our camper to Good Year. One of the few times I have no reservations paying for the service I received. I hope know one finds themselves in this situation but if so, know Wingfoot made a bad situation so much better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We will be storing our rv for the winter under a hanger at a storage place in Davenport called Mini Storage. Not sure if they have any available spots. I have read that Cube storage facilities have under hanger storage as well. Not as expensive as indoor storage. You don't have to worry about covering it up if it's under the hanger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi All, Thanks to everyone's information concerning our question on RV Storage we have decided to season the camper at a campground here in Florida. Now my question is does anyone have any info on campgrounds that offer seasonal stays. We would prefer to do a 6 month stay this way if my husband can find employment as a paramedic somewhere we are able to move her come May. We are looking for a safe, nice and affordable campground, doesn't have to be close to Fort. Any info as usual would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, Tammie & Bob :)
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    RV Storage

    Michelb Are you able to share his contact information?
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    RV Storage

    It is ridiculous! CT is the tax you to death state! People are fleeing the state! That's if they can sell their home for what they paid for it....I know I can't
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    RV Storage

    DinDavie, I am speechless and my husband will tell you that speaks volumes. Without any exaggeration it cost us just about 10 thousand for taxes on our rv, 2 vehicles and a motorcycle. It would actually be saving us money to keep the rv down here! Thanks for that information! I am more motivated than ever to not be taking her back next week. Best Regards, Bob & Tammie
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    RV Storage

    We are in North Branford. We want desperately to make the move to Florida but the housing market up here is horrible and we would never get what we need. So maybe having the rv down there will be our first step.
  13. Hi All, We are heading down to the Fort next week to search for places to keep the camper for the winter. Here in CT the winters are to rough to keep her outside & it's to expensive to store her inside. We were originally coming down to look at places to keep her on a seasonal spot as I have health issues & the CT winters make it pretty rough for me. We were thinking having her on a seasonal spot down in Florida I could head down for a couple of weeks if I started to feel under the weather, but I just don't think right now we can afford as I am now out of work & my hubby will undergo surgery that will have him out of work for at least a month. Geez writing this you wouldn't know we are only 40/50ish. lol Any info would much be appreciated. Thanks much, Tammie & Bob