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  1. Just wondered how you were? I was rode2nowhere...

  2. I being a hoosier also live 30 minutes from lake Rudolph,,,,,goin there tomorrow for a couple days
  3. water bypass from camco I put in to winterize was bad, sucking air, I trashed it and all good
  4. I did it just like last year, some say to open a faucet and let it run longer, will try that in morning
  5. I am trying to winterize but I cannot get the pump to suck, I have a bypass valve inline to suck antifreeze out of a jug near the pump. Worked fine last year. The pump runs but no suction. I even too the fitting off directly at the pump and I feel no suction, Its on a 2011 keystone sprinter which has not been used much, once this year, is there any valves or anything I can try to repair the flojet pump? Or is there another way to drain the lines which are pex? I have no air pressure near me to blow the lines out and no rv dealer within an hour/?
  6. is that guy above the start of the zombie apocalypse?
  7. All i want to do is have fun!

  8. captain morgan, bitters, coke. :clint:
  9. I am sure there are a select few in the middle of darkness with alcohol in the system that drain the ole bladder on the ground too :clint:
  10. I even clean up my dogs poopie :flush2:
  11. ME would not want to be around it. my opinion.
  12. user name change to???????

  13. Sounds great, like Olive Garden used to have.
  14. I want to try this this weekends trip, do you puree this in a food processor or what?
  15. how to change user name??

  16. Wow that's like Charlie's angels used to be. Impressive.
  17. Well I learned something. That would be great to cook while traveling for sure.
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