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  1. Long Time No post from me. Happy to be back! ❤️ Jen got me set back up...thanks love!!! So, my daughter just graduated from college. College debt but freedom on the horizon, maybe. She was accepted to DCP (Disney College Program), starting in August! I have a Forest River Wildwood. She loves to camp with me but wants her own space and wants to start her own journey. She is looking for an inexpensive start. She is looking for leads on a pop up. We are on East coast. Anybody have any leads? Thought this would be a great place to ask. ❤️
  2. I still need one for my driveway. It may change when I have my van all set up to tow but with my friend's F-150 the sway bar set up bottomed out on the driveway going in so she had to pull it in. So, with a dolly I can turn it around and have much better access to it, and see the door from my window rather than it facing away. Makes for better driveway camping too.
  3. Sooo, I have a question then. I have a new to me 19' Vintage Cruiser. I want to get a dolly or valet for it. A remote one is over $1K, just not in my budget just yet. There is an $800 travel valet XL that connects with the ball hitch so nothing permanent to the trailer. They make another version about $500 that attaches to the tongue and you crank the trailer into place for both of these versions. Does anybody have advice on either of these or suggestions on something else? I do not want to be that person that can't back into my spot anywhere.
  4. Wow, I have been gone a long time and find myself back with a trip report! Love it! My only complaint, my next trip is still too far away, this makes me home sick!
  5. To answer your question about Fancy Gap. Google it. If there is a chance of wet roads the day you plan to travel,consider the alternate down 220. Fancy Gap is a steep grade in good weather, and in bad weather it never fails to cause trouble. I believe it was last year there was the 30 or more car pile up coming down the mountain ( one of many). When the fog gets heavy and the road gets wet, it turns it into an auto slip and slide. I really don't think it would be so bad but people are just not thinking when they drive. It only takes one to get distracted and too many other trucks and ca
  6. I do not have a TT nor do we tow anything. That said, when we travel back and forth from the Lehigh Valley to NC, we come down 81 to 220 thru Roanoke VA. 220 to 158 then catch up with 52/I85 South to 77 and 26. Hate Fancy Gap because of the grade and what it does to the breakes. 220 has hills and does have many curves but a much more preferred route for us.
  7. OMG my hands feet head are sweating just watching that!! Good Grief WHY? He was moving so fast too.
  8. Thanks, time to crunch some numbers to see if it is worth it. Probably going to go for it with a few trips within the year expected.
  9. OK so I have my AP finally and have my big trip with the girls planned for June. How do I get a Tables In Wonderland discount card? I only have 4 dining reservations with the girls but should have a few more when I go back in the Fall with my husband. Will it be worth it even?
  10. I missed the first few. I have the rest of the night scheduled to record
  11. My girls want to go. I am not a real fan of the lunch menu so I made dinner ADR but couldn't get us together. We are reserved 2 and 2 for dinner. The plan was to CX if I got FP for lunch one day. Well tonight I tried to make ADR for BOG in June and nothing was available until day 8 of our trip. Reserved the time, picked my people and then FROZEN. No confirmation number no ADR. Happened 3 times. UGH!!!
  12. May not have been your best trip, but I am glad we will get to see the bright moments!!! What a great picture of Anna btw!!!! Those Disney Princesses got nothing on her!
  13. OK a question. My son is diabetic and has to go a couple times a night. I thought about those buckets with the lid so we are not walking back and forth in the middle of the night. Would kitty litter work in the bottom? When the kids were really little just training... all 5 at the same time...I used to use the training potty in the van. I would put the pot part in a shopping bag and then a folded diaper in the pot. Once they were done tie up the wet diaper and toss.
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