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  1. You gotta be kidding. Disney is for kids. Kids like chalk. Maybe you guys can petition them to ban chalk like 3 place strollers and the whole place can just be jazzys and nice sparkling concrete pads. But they already have those places. They are not Disney. They are the stuffy, uber expensive, mostly seasonal, $100,000 RV and up only resorts. No thanks. Well be there chalk drawing the place up and trashing it up with all my kids bikes and toys and strollers. Cause that’s what makes it great. Family memories. I’ll skip the pic of the power washed concrete pad in my scrap book.
  2. Funny comments. I’ve had the terrible misfortune of having to use a triple strolller. A double stroller, and some weird slimmed down 2 seat 1 stand on version of a three child transport device. Any of the “mom bloggers” have every rt to be upset. I don’t think anyone enjoys using these things. Try getting on the boat at the fort w one. Or in a bus. Or trolly. Or thru a door. Or strapping it to your golf cart to drive to the bus to push all your kids thru the greatest place on earth. Personal opinion is that I would rather see the jazzys banned before wagons. We use a wagon everywhere.
  3. Yea. I think we’re gonna risk it all in June. The rain is prob the worst threat but I figure we can dodge in somewhere or like bamagrad said, nap. Thats our usual approach anyhow. Hit parks early. My kids u are up and ready to go early anyhow. Come back to fort for relaxing and lunch/pool/nap. Head back after dark. Or just relax more. Thanksgiving is tempting but I just don’t think we have enough time off school to drive down from PA. June it is. Well bring umbrellas I guess. Luckily I added the double ACs. Unless we’re in direct sun we should be fine. Maybe leave the dog home this tim
  4. Thanks Jason. Have been in contact with you reguarding our trip. I guess we’ll stick with the June/ July plan. School really jams up the works.
  5. Looking to head back to the fort. With the kids in school we can’t really take them out like we used to. Loved going in November. So aside from Christmas or thanksgiving, I don’t think this gives us enough time. We like to travel down slow and make a few stops. 4-5 hrs per day and camp along the way. So we were thinking June. But all my research says June is pretty swampy and miserable. Thinking end of August now. I know it will be hot. But maybe less wet??? Anyone w kids who has mastered hitting the fort and not missing much school have any tips?
  6. Sign me up for the new Uber premium sites. If your driving all the way there and spending all the money that is involved w a Disney trip than yea I want the super duper premimum site. Booking our 3rd trip soon. Went down in in November 2015 and again November 2017. Thinking end of August 2020 this time as kids are getting bigger and miss too much if we take them out of school. But if they have better sites avail I’ll take em. We had top tier sites the last 2 times, I never request sites as I don’t feel I know enough to out weigh the luck of the draw. But honestly they both kinda stunk. Hard
  7. Thanks jayson. We will be in contact soon. We’ll get the date narrowed down and then count back from the dates u mentioned.
  8. We have stayed at the fort in 2015 and 2017. Both times in November and both times we booked thru Liberty travel. Mostly because my sister worked there previously and I was tossing her friends some business. Both times I found Libertys deal to be better than the Disney website. Anyone else using a travel agent? Whose best? What’s the best deals? Going to book for Nov 2019. I think it opens up the end of this month. Will prob go back thru Liberty unless someone has a better suggestion.
  9. Headed down to the fort from north PA. Will be there from this Sunday till Friday. Wanting to throw a few shots of grease in the axles before heading back. Anyone around and traveling with a grease gun. Don't feel like adding another stop.
  10. Ok. First time to fort. Bringing cart. Looked at maps and was wondering, are golf carts only for driving in the fort? Could I drive cart to Polynesian? Downtown Disney? Forgive me of these are dumb questions. Places look kinda far. Are those main roads connecting the different areas or are the on property Disney roads I can cruse on a golf cart?
  11. Thanks, that dining reservation app sounds interesting. Jason seems to be on top of all things disney,myet my sister is our travel agent and she was the one who managed to snag the chef Mickey reservation. She and my wife are gonna keep trying. I'm confident it will work out. Just more work than I anticipated. Thanks again
  12. Well. Tried switching party size, called, complained, etc. wife spent hours on the website individually searching every possible reservation combination. They really should just say what is avail instead of asking what you want cause nothing is. Lesson learned. Ended up somehow with chef Mickey for a 2pm brunch, literally the only thing avail. Worst possible time frame for a 3 and 4 yo. Thanks for the help. I'll keep checking but the website is exhausting and not user friendly.
  13. Trying to book BBQ for Thursday nov 19. Thinking it's not released yet. Might be closed. If so I'm bummed. Was looking foreword to it. Girls all really wanted Cinderella royal table. Guess I'm a little shocked by the booking thing. They should defiantly disclose this better. Just saw a Disney resort commercial the other day that shows a happy family checking in and making a reservation for the princess dinner right at the hotel lobby. Clearly that never happens. I guess next time I'll have to set an alarm on the 180th day. Disappointed before I even check in.
  14. We are camping at fort in Nov. We were waiting until the 150 days out to make our reservations for character meals and backyard BBQ. Mostly the BBQ and Cinderella castle. Well it's about 140 days out and just tried to book some stuff and it seems everything and anything is booked solid. Is this for real? Am I missing something? Even BBQ is full. What the heck. Am I supposto stay up till midnight on the 151 day out and book all my stuff. Thinking of canceling and rebooking 10 days later at this point.
  15. Thanks frank. Good info. I think we are on the same page. Kids and pets also, 6 hrs is pushing the limit.
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