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  1. Totally have to agree. Last November we had the same problem. Thanks to the FF App and the CM's book, everything worked out great. Jeanne
  2. Below is a link to the Metro System Planner. If you leave from the Shady Grove Metro on the Red Line and go to Metro Center, change trains at Metro Center to the Orange Line, it will drop you off right at the Capitol. It will take about an hour. Yes you would have to change trains, bit its not really complicated. Travelling from Gettysburg to Shady Grove can be a long ride. Probably at least 90 minutes depending on traffic. But travelling to DC from anywhere can be a pain sometimes. That said, the Metro is the way to go. You will not find parking in DC for a large van + car. Good Luck
  3. I should have said the Fort got noticed. Too excited I guess. Jeanne
  4. Hey Fiends, check out this cool blog. The Fort got a little more love today. I think you'll like it. Jeanne
  5. Thanks for the App. Awesome and user friendly - for me!
  6. Great Pix Karla. The sunset ones are really nice. WDW should use them in a brochure. We'll be there on Nov. 4th, Can't wait. Thanks for the great TR. Jeanne
  7. Oh you betcha!! Somehow this has become an annual tradition (at least for the last 3 years). The fall is the best time for camping. We're going to see the leaves next wk at Shenandoah St. Park in VA. and then clean up the camper for the big trip to the Fort. Jeanne
  8. TCD, Thanks for the trip around the world. We'll be having our own 'go round the world' on Nov. 6 when our son turns 21. I'm hoping without too many mugs :beer:hanging from his waist! Your girls are awfully lucky to have a Dad that likes hanging with them as much as you do. Sweet. Jeanne
  9. Happy Birthday TCD. Glad you got to celebrate at your "Happy Place". Thanks for the TR, Nov. can't come soon enough for us!! Jeanne
  10. Well I was going to make dinner but I got a beer instead. Thanks TCD. :dance: Keep it comin'. Jeanne
  11. I vote for heavy looping! Preferably in a "Kenny" cart, decorated with lights, sound, costumes and action. That way you can see all the decorations and be one yourself! :banana: Jeanne
  12. Excellent TR. Took me two days but well worth the effort. I'm proud to be one of the "10,000" views. Thanks Jeanne
  13. I'm pretty sure my dog would have peed on that setup. She would not have been able to resist. :rofl2: Jeanne
  14. We bought our Cameo from Tiara Rv in Indiana. The whole transaction was done by phone and email. We already knew what we wanted and only had to nail down prices. We ordered the camper in August and it was delivered to our house in late October. The first trip was to the Fort for Thanksgiving in 09'. Tiara was very easy to work with and took care of organizing the delivery to MD. Another plug: Annapolis RV for any service that we need. We've had some minor problems and they have consistently been pleasant, helpful and taken care of everything. They communicate w/ Carriage so we don't
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